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Wappen = Gauting_Wappen.pnglat_deg = 48 |lat_min = 04 |lat_sec = 04
lon_deg = 11 |lon_min = 22 |lon_sec = 26
Lageplan =
Bundesland = Bayern
Regierungsbezirk = Oberbayern
Landkreis = Starnberg
Höhe = 564
Fläche = 50.38
Einwohner = 19435
Stand = 2006-12-31
PLZ = 82131
Vorwahl = 089
Kfz = STA
Gemeindeschlüssel = 09 1 88 120
Straße = Bahnhofstr. 7
Website = []
Bürgermeister = Brigitte Servatius
Partei = SPD

Gauting is a municipality in the district of Starnberg, in Bavaria, Germany with a population of approx. 19,000. It is situated on the river Würm, 17 km southwest of Munich.


Bounded under administration of Gauting are Stockdorf, Grubmühl, Buchendorf, Königswiesen, Hausen, Unterbrunn and Oberbrunn. Gauting is still the form of a clearing, surrounded by Forstenrieder Park in the east, Mühltal in the south, Kreuzlinger Forst in the west and Grubmühl in the north.


The settlement on the Gauting area traces back to early Bronze Age and is thus amongst the earliest in upper Bavaria. Cairn fields in Stockdorf and a large Celtic entrenchment give evidence of the prehistoric dwelling.

Under government of the Roman Empire the then called Bratananium marks a major crossroad of Via Julia, connecting the provincial capital Augusta Vindelicorum (Augsburg) with Juvavum (Salzburg) and Lake Constance. Many relics from that time have been discovered.

The name Gauting is first mentioned in 753. [Wolfgang Krämer: Geschichte der Gemeinde Gauting einschließlich der Hofmarken Fußberg und Königswiesen nebst Grubmühle, Reismühle und Gemeinde Stockdorf sowie der Schwaigen Kreuzing und Pentenried. Selbstverlag der Gemeinde Gauting, 1949.]

A persistent local belief is that Karl der Große (Charlemagne) was born at the Reismühle, situated at the south edge of Gauting, thus the imperial crown in Gauting's coat of arms.

For many years Gauting existed as a small rural village nestled in the Wurm valley. A dramatic rise in population started with the Munich-Starnberg railroad, which opened in 1854. At first Gauting became popular as a weekend and holiday resort for wealthy citizens of the Bavarian capital, and since then it has become one of the most popular suburban communities adjoining Munich.

Gauting during the Third Reich

The abolishment of German Communist Party, immediately following the enabling act which gave the Nazi Party dictatorial power was one of the first administrative acts to be executed in Gauting 1933. Soon each member of the communal council had to become a member of the NSDAP.
Adolf Hitler and Adolf Wagner, Gauleiter (district governor) of Upper Bavaria who lived at Gauting became honorary citizens. [Siehe] Hermann Nafziger was installed as Nazi-mayor.During the last days of World War II the 8,000 surviving inmates of the Dachau concentration camp were sent on a so-called death march. Such marches were organized by order of Heinrich Himmler to prevent the hostages from being freed by the approaching allied troops. Many of the unfortunate hostages died during their way through Gauting.

The special military hospital for tuberculosis which was situated in a former barracks building was used in 1945 for curing the survivors of the concentration camps by the US Forces. [Winfried Nerdinger: Bauen im Nationalsozialismus, Bayern 1933-1945. München: Architekturmuseum der TU-München, 1993.] Since many of the casualties had been Jewish, a separate Jewish Cemetery was erected in Gauting next to the main cemetery.

The peaceful invasion of the US forces was possible due to the surrender of Hans Penzl of the Freiheitsaktion Bayern, a Bavarian resistance cell. [Hans-Georg Krause: Gauting in historischen Fotografien. Gauting: Buchendorfer Verlag, 1989.]

Politics and Economy


* 1. Mayor (1. Bürgermeisterin) Brigitte Servatius (SPD)
* 2. Mayor Ludwig Gross (CSU)

Communal Councel

BIG = Bürger in Gauting
FBG = Freie Bürgergemeinschaft Gauting
UBG = Unabhängige Bürger Gauting

Town Partnerships

* )
* )


The German Federal Intelligence Service Bundesnachrichtendienst operates it's electronic intelligence department from Stockdorf. During the cold war that base was camouflaged as Bundesstelle für Fernmeldestatistik (Federal Institute for Radio Statistics).


* Schloss Fußberg, medieval mansion, restructured 1721 and 1894
* Frauenkirche, 15th century, restructured in the 18th century
* Church of St. Benedikt, given as beneficence to Benediktbeuern monastery in the 9th century; was rebuilt in gothic style (15th century); the present building dates to 1934 and was erected in Nazi style by architect Georg Buchner
* Villa Zerboni ca. 1905 and many representative houses in the so-called "Kolonie" historistic or art nouveau style between 1900 and 1914
* Villa Junkers, built in 1923 by Bernhard Borst in historistic style, later owned by Hugo Junkers

External links

* [ Offizielle Internetseite der Gemeinde Gauting]


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