Lio is a Belgian singer and actress, born as Wanda Ribeiro de Vasconcelos in 1962 in Mangualde, Portugal. In 1968, she and her family moved to Belgium.


She was an enormous pop icon in francophone Europe during the 1980s. In 1982 the American music duo Sparks worked with her on the album "Suite Sixteen", on which some of her previous songs were translated into English. "Suite Sixtine" was a compilation of French rarities and English versions of tracks from her first album. "Suite Sixtine" was compiled and art directed by Ralph Alfonso for Attic Records Canada, where it originally appeared. She has an extensive discography and has collaborated with several important French music artists, including Etienne Daho and Jacno. Many of Lio's singles were successful, but her biggest hit was probably 1980s "Banana Split." This track was redone on the "Suite Sixteen" album as "Marie Antoinette."

She first appeared on the screen in 1983 in Chantal Akerman's film "The Eighties". Ackerman recast her in the 1986 film "Golden Eighties", a lighthearted, humorous French pop musical about the people who work together in a Parisian shopping center. Lio plays a carefree hairdresser in the movie. Although arguably at the height of her music career, she does not sing in this film.

Lio is a current judge of French idol show "Nouvelle Star."



* 1980: "Le banana split"
* 1980: "Amoureux solitaires"
* 1981: "Amicalement votre"
* 1982: "Mona Lisa"
* 1983: "Zip a doo wah"
* 1983: "La reine des pommes"
* 1986: "Les brunes comptent pas pour des prunes"
* 1986: "Fallait pas commencer"
* 1986: "Je casse tout ce que je touche"
* 1986: "Chauffeur"
* 1988: "Seulent les filles pleurent"
* 1988: "Tu es formidable"
* 1991: "Girl from Ipanema"
* 1991: "L'autre joue"
* 1996: "Tristeza"
* 2000: "Je suis comme je suis"


* 1980: "Lio"
* 1982: "Suite sixtine"
* 1983: "Amour toujours"
* 1986: "Pop model"
* 1988: "Can can"
* 1991: "Des fleurs pour un caméléon"
* 1996: "Wandatta"
* 2000: "Chante Prévert"
* 2003: "Cœur de rubis"
* 2005: "Les Pop Songs (Best Of 1)"
* 2005: "Les Ballades (Best Of 2)"
* 2005: "Pop Box - 25 Years In Pop" (7 remastered CDs with bonus tracks and 1 DVD of clips)
* 2006: "Dites Au Prince Charmant"


* "Elsa Elsa" (1985, directed by Didier Haudepin)
* "Golden Eighties" (1986, directed by Chantal Akerman)
* "Itinéraire d'un enfant gâté" (1988, directed by Claude Lelouch)
* "Chambre à part" (1989, directed by Jacky Cukier)
* "Sale comme un ange" (1991, directed by Catherine Breillat)
* "Jalousie" (1991, directed by Kathleen Fonmarty)
* "Rock-A-Doodle" (1991, voice of Goldie, French version)
* "Love After Love" (1992, directed by Diane Kurys)
* "Sans un cri" (1992, directed by Jeanne Labrune)
* "Personne ne m'aime" (1994, directed by Marion Vernoux)
* "Dieu, l'amant de ma mère et le fils du charcutier" (1995)
* "Carnages" (2002, directed by Delphine Gleize)
* "C'est la vie, camarade !" (directed by Bernard Uzan)
* "Colette, une femme libre" (2004, directed by Nadine Trintignant, Television)
* "Mariages !" (2004, directed by Valérie Guignabodet)
* "Les Invisibles" (2005, directed by Thierry Jousse)
* "The Last Mistress (2007, directed by Catherine Breillat)
* "Le Prince de ce monde" (2008)


* "Le Bébé"

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