1804 in Australia

1804 in Australia

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Governors of the Australian colonies:
*Governor of New South Wales- Captain Philip King
*Lieutenant-Governor of Tasmania - David Collins


* March 4 - Castle Hill convict rebellion also known as the Battle of Vinegar Hill: 200 convicts, mostly Irish, rebelled. 51 convicts were punished and nine hanged.
* September 30 - a government brewery was opned at Parramatta as a means of controlling the consumption of spirits.
*Matthew Flinders recommends that the newly discovered country, New Holland, be renamed "Australia" (from the Latin "australis" meaning "of the south").

Exploration and Settlement

*February 15 - Lieutenant-Governor David Collins established camp at Sullivan's Cove, Tasmania.
*March 24 - the settlement at the Hunter River, also known as the Coal River, was officially named Newcastle

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