Ohrid municipality

Ohrid municipality

Infobox Municipality in the Republic of Macedonia
municipality_name=Ohrid municipality
municipality_name_mkd=Општина Охрид
status=Urban municipality
mayor=Aleksandar Petreski
municipality_location=MKD_muni_nonn(Ohrid).png coa_pic=Coat of Arms of Ohrid.png coa_px=150
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Municipality of Ohrid ( _mk. Општина Охрид) is a municipality in the south-western part of the Republic of Macedonia. "Ohrid" is also the name of the city where the municipal seat is found. Ohrid Municipality is located in the Southwestern statistical region


Ohrid municipality borders Debarca municipality in the west and north, Resen municipality in the west, and a little part borders the Mogila municipality in the north-east.


According to the last census of 2002 ref|census the former municipality of Ohrid, before the attach of Kosel municipality had 54,380 ihabitants, and according to the census of 1994 it had 52,732. The abolished Kosel municipality had 1,369 inhabitants in 2002 and 1,759 in 1994. The present-day municipality has 55,749 inhabitants.

The main ethnic group are ethnic Macedonians, who make up 85% of the population, followed by Albanians (5.9%), Turks (4%), Roma (0.1%), Serbs (0.6%), Vlachs (0.5%), Aromanians (0.50%) and others who make up 4.2% of the population.

Inhabited places

The municipality has 29 inhabited places, one town and 28 villages.


# [http://www.stat.gov.mk/pdf/kniga_13.pdf 2002 census results in English and Macedonian (PDF)]

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