HMS Ambuscade (F172)

HMS Ambuscade (F172)

HMS "Ambuscade" (F172) was a Type 21 frigate of the Royal Navy. She was built by Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland. "Ambuscade" took part in the Falklands War and by the mid-1980s was suffering from cracking in her hull. She was taken in for refitting, with a steel plate being welded down each side of the ship. At the same time modifications were made to reduce hull noise. Exocet launchers were also added in 'B' position and 3" launchers relocated to 02 deck midships.

"Ambuscade" decommissioned and was sold to Pakistan on 28 July 1993, being renamed "Tariq". Exocet was not transferred to Pakistan and "Tariq" had her obsolete Sea Cat launcher removed. A quadruple Harpoon missile launcher was fitted in place of the Exocet launchers and a Phalanx CIWS was fitted in place of the Sea Cat launcher. SRBOC chaff launchers and 20 mm and 30 mm guns were fitted.

"Tariq" remains in service with the Pakistan Navy.

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