Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures and Other Growths

Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures and Other Growths
Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures and Other Growths
Yuggoth Cultures2 cover.jpg
Cover to Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures #2. Art by Juan Jose Ryp.
Publication information
Publisher Avatar Press
Schedule Monthly
Format Mini-series
Genre , dark fantasy
Publication date September - November 2003
Number of issues 3
Creative team
Writer(s) Alan Moore
Antony Johnston
Artist(s) Juan Jose Ryp
Bryan Talbot
Mike Wolfer
Val Semeiks
Jacen Burrows
Hunt Emerson
Oscar Zarate
Marat Mychaels
Creator(s) Alan Moore
Collected editions
Yuggoth Cultures ISBN 1-59291-027-0

Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures and Other Growths is a collection of some of Alan Moore's previously unpublished work, as well as adaptations of his performance work by Antony Johnston. It was released in three parts by Avatar Press.



It was published in 3 issues and collected as a trade paperback.


The collection was originally published as a 3-part black and white monthly comic:

Issue #1. Published September 2003

  • "Zaman's Hill" (with Juan Jose Ryp, an adaptation of part of a lost novel (see below), Yuggoth Cultures, which gave this series its name).
  • "Nightjar" (with Bryan Talbot, scheduled to appear in Warrior)
  • Nighjar script and development letter by Alan Moore and article by Bryan Talbot

Issue #2. Published October 2003

  • "Litvinoff's Book" (with Mike Wolfer, a song adaptation)
  • "Cold Snap" (with Bryan Talbot, a short story previously published in the benefit comic Food for Thought)
  • "Itchy Peterson" (with Val Semeiks, previously published in a Chaos! Comics anthology)
  • "Nativity on Ice" (with Bryan Talbot, a short story)
  • "Recognition" (with Jacen Burrows, another adaptation from Yuggoth Cultures)

Issue #3. Published November 2003

  • "Leviticus" (with Hunt Emerson, a short story previously published in Outrageous Tales from the Old Testament)
  • "I Keep Coming Back" (with Oscar Zarate, described as a coda to From Hell, previously published in It's Dark in London)
  • "Me and Dorothy Parker" (by Antony Johnston and drawn by Marat Mychaels, a song adaptation)
  • An interview with Alan Moore about the series.

Alan Moore's The Courtyard was originally scheduled for appearances in this collection but was turned into its own separate series.

Collected editions

The issues were collected into a trade paperback:



The pages of the lost novel were left on the seat of a cab as Moore says "Unfortunately, when the texts were about half completed, I left the only copy of three or four of them in a London taxi cab. Since it was impossible to reconstruct, the work went on hold, remaining incomplete." [1] The unpublished novel appears on a number of listings including Yuggoth Cultures (Creation Books, 256 pages, 1997 ISBN 1-871592-31-3).


The Nightjar story was spun off into a four-part mini-series written by Johnston with art by Max Fiumara. The basis was the story as seen in Yuggoth Cultures #1 with some additional notes from Bryan Talbot, but the bulk of the story was created by Johnston.[2] [3]

Yuggoth Creatures

Johnston would later produce more work in the Cthulhu Mythos, for Avatar, under the title Yuggoth Creatures.[4] [5] [6]



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