Chaah is the southernmost town in the district of Segamat, Johor, Malaysia.It's near the Batu Pahat - Segamat district. Located 19 km south from Labis via Federal Route 1. Chaah consists of Kampung and Taman Chaah Town,C-Block, Kampung Baru (residents are mostly Chinese), Kampung Java (Malay Kampung),Taman Damai Jaya I & II, Taman Sri Chaah, Taman Orkid, and is surrounded by oil palm plantations. Taman Chaah Baru(new Chaah garden) is 1–2 km far from Chaah Town.

The population consist of Malays, Chinese, Indians and Eurasians.

The highest education institute in Chaah is Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Chaah, (Chaah National Secondary School).

About 5 km south from Chaah, there is a village named Desa Temu Jodoh. Established in the early 1970s, Desa Temu Jodoh got its name from the grand wedding ceremony among a large number of couples of early settlers. The number of couples married during the wedding ceremony was said to be the largest at that time in Malaysia.


Chaah name

The name "Cha'ah" or "Chaah" is derived from its geographical location. Chaah is situated between mapping of three rivers. The mandarin pronunciation of Chaah is "San He Gang" (三合港).

- "San" means three

- "He" means join

- "Gang" means port

There are various rumours about how the name was coined.

Rumours 1: It names "Chaah" because the early owner of this inner harbour named Cha Ah Kong

Rumours 2: Named after a beauty girl beside the river named Cik Ah (Ms Ah).

Rumours 3; Cha'ah in Hokkien meaning "consuming duck meat" possibly the dish was popular in the village.

Further, back to early 1960-ans, Chaah villagers lived along the Sungai Chaah (River Chaah). The main transportation was Sampan (small boat). Sampan is used for travelling to other towns, namely Batu Pahat which is the nearest one.

Education Institute

-Primary School - India Primary School x 1, Chinese Primary School x 1, Malay Primary School x 2.

-Secondary School - Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Chaah, Newly opened Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Bali Chaah.

- Giat Mara labis (Taman Rakyat Chaah )

Famous Chinese Food

-Gan Lao Mian noodles is common and popular among Chinese and Indian. Located at C-Block.

-You Chai, Stir-Fried vegetables with plenty of oil. A dish that attracts Singaporeans to Chaah. One can find it in almost every Chinese restaurant around town.

-Tian Ji, (frog-leg) a kind of frog which tasted like chicken and cooked with secret recipe. Where the restaurant have you chai, have tian ji.

-Shui Yu, also known as 'bie', soft-shell turtle cooked with secret recipe.

-Xin Zhu Mi Fen, deep-fried vermicelli

-Teo Hong Kopi-O -Michel coffee shop is famous among cha'ah residens -Famous Indian foods,,10 10 murthy shop,muniyandy vegi food (taman muhibbah),hari om (tmn perindustrian),santhana valli restoran,Thaif restoran.,al-jazila,al-azim,rambam kadai (tmn cha baru). -Biodisel company-AJ OLEO SND BHD. -FISH POND-famous for Chinese food,

Special Market Event

Pasar Pagi(Morning Market) - Every Sunday, Chaah town street surrounding soccer field.

Pasar Malam(Evening Market) - Every Saturday, in front of Taman Sri Chaah & Taman Damai Jaya II.

Pasar Petang(Noon Market) - Everyday, In front of station Petronas

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-2 majority in chaah is Indian community about 4000 families. -they all origin from the estates -9 estates, -Indian are well grown people at chaah. -so many of them have own houses and lands,some other doing own business such as farmering(bela lembu),contractors and so on. -tamils or Indians are majority live in taman muhibbah,taman mesra,taman mewa,taman indah,taman damai jaya 1&2 and taman nesa. -One primary Tamil school SEKOLAH JENIS KEBAGSAAN CANTUMAN is most famous among johore's Tamil schools.have been become -top 10 in national level UPSR result(2009).current head master is Mr.G.Manogaran PIS.(Current PRESIDEN of Majlis Guru Besar of -johore state and former President of MGB NATIONAL LEVEL.)

Coordinates: 2°14′N 103°02′E / 2.233°N 103.033°E / 2.233; 103.033

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