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launch = January 1, 1995
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owner = Corus Entertainment
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country = Canada
broadcast area = National
headquarters = Toronto, Ontario
former names = WTN
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web = [http://www.wnetwork.com/ W Network]
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sat serv 1 = Bell TV
sat chan 1 = Channel 602
sat serv 2 = Star Choice
sat chan 2 = Channel 567 (East)
Channel 568 (West)
cable serv 1 = Available on most Canadian cable systems
cable chan 1 = Check local listings, channels may vary
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W Network (often referred to only as W) is a Canadian English language cable television specialty channel based in Toronto, Ontario aimed at women. It is currently owned by Corus Entertainment.

The channel is available in two time shifted feeds, East (Eastern Time) and West (Pacific Time).


When it was launched on January 1, 1995, the service was controlled by Moffat Communications and known as WTN (Women's Television Network). Like Moffat's cable television operations and its local CTV affiliate CKY-TV, it was based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and broadcast a variety of programmes ranging from dramas and decorating shows to current affairs and occasionally even sports.

Shaw Communications purchased Moffat in early 2001, but Shaw itself had no interest in re-entering the specialty service business and put WTN up for sale. While there was ostensibly an independent auction process to sell the service, it came as little surprise POV-statement|date=December 2007 that the Shaw family's Corus Entertainment came out the winning bidder. To the surprise of WTN management and employees alike, Corus laid off virtually everyone and moved WTN's base of operations to Toronto. The new management subsequently replaced the WTN name with "W Network" and brought in a more entertainment-oriented mix of recent dramas and movies. Whereas WTN seemed to focus on the feminist, W would henceforth focus on a more post-feminist woman.


W Network airs a mix of lifestyle and entertainment television series including films, comedies, dramas, reality tv, cooking, makeover series and more.

Noted series

* "Coleen's Real Women"
* "Colour Confidential"
* "Divine Design"
* "He Said, She Said with Ken and Mary Jo"
* "How Clean Is Your House?"
* "How to Look Good Naked"
* "Kim's Rude Awakenings"
* "Take This House and Sell it"
* "The Shopping Bags"
* "The Smart Woman Survival Guide"
* "Will and Grace"

* "Note: Series listed above are taken from W Network's schedule from July 2008."

External links

* [http://www.wnetwork.com/ W Network]
* [http://corusmedia.com/w W Network media]

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