List of Albanian Americans

List of Albanian Americans

The following is a list of Albanian Americans, or people born in the United States with Albanian heritage.


*Anthony Athanas - restaurateur
*James Belushi - actor [ [] "John and James Belushi are Albanian as well."]
*John Belushi - actor [ [] "John Belushi, the Albanian-American actor..."]
*James Biberi - actor
*Emina Cunmulaj - model
*Joseph J. DioGuardi - congressman [ [ Untitled Document ] ]
*Kara DioGuardi - songwriter
*Tony Dovolani - professional dancer, (currently dancing with the stars)
*Stan Dragoti - film director, producer, artist
*Eliza Dushku (1980 - ) actress, has appeared in the television hit series "Buffy" and "Angel" and several Hollywood films (i.e. "Bring It On" and "Wrong Turn") [] "...she was recently invited to visit Albania, where she has become something of a national symbol, being the most famous American Albanian -- or at least half-Albanian since her mother's heritage is Danish -- actor since John Belushi." [] "There is a joke in our family that the Dushku's and the Belushi's are the only Albanians in show business. Who knows? That might be true." [] "One issue which hits close to home for her is the plight of the Albanian refugees, being of Albanian and Danish descent herself. "It's hard with all this war stuff. They're helping the Albanians, but you can never say you're happy about bombing. I don't know how I feel on the issue. I watch the news, I'm watching Albanian refugees piling onto trains, and they look like me and my brothers. I feel like I'm watching my family, and it's so disturbing."] (Albanian father, Danish mother)
*Lee Elia - baseball player, coach and manager
*Lynn Herring - actress
*Agim Kaba - Agim Kaba (born February 16, 1980, New York) is an Emmy nominated Albanian-American actor and film producer. He attended St. Johns University majoring in Fine Arts
*Bill Kovach - journalist/editor [ [] "Kovach, who was Washington bureau chief for the New York Times and for two years edited the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, uses himself as an example. "I'm Albanian-American," he says, "and things that happen in the Balkans are inherently important to me. No matter how good an editor I am, I'm not going to follow African news in the same way.""]
*Florin Krasniqi - business man
*Donald Lambro - journalist [ [ Albanian Americans ] ]
*Ismail Lika - mobster
*Marie Logoreci - actress
*Masiela Lusha - actress
*Peter Malota - actor
*Gjeke Marinaj - poet, writer, journalist, pedagogue [ [] .]
*Laureta Meci - actress
*Gjon Mili - photographer
*Ferid Murad - medical researcher Nobel laureate
*Regis Philbin - television
*Alex Rudaj - mobster
*Thomas Simaku - composer
*Alan Shepard - astronut []
*George Tames - Half Greek/Half Albanian - American Photographer for the New York Times []
*Nick Tosches - he is half Albanian half Italian


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* [ National Albanian American Council]
* [ Alb-Net.Com - The Albanian Connection]
* [ Albanian Film maker Nuhi De Stani]

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