The Water Nixie

The Water Nixie

The Water Nixie or The Water-Nix is a fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm, tale number 79. [ [ "The Water Nixie"] ] It came from Hanau.Jacob and Wilheim Grimm, "Household Tales", [ "The Water-Nix" Notes] .]

It is Aarne-Thompson type 313A, the girl helps the hero flee,D.L. Ashliman, " [ The Grimm Brothers' Children's and Household Tales (Grimms' Fairy Tales)"] ] and revolves about a transformation chase. Others of this type include "The Master Maid", "Jean, the Soldier, and Eulalie, the Devil's Daughter", "The Two Kings' Children", "Nix Nought Nothing", and "Foundling-Bird". The Grimms noted "Sweetheart Roland" as an analogue.


A brother and sister fell into a well, where a nixie caught them and made them work for her. One Sunday while she was at church, they ran away. The nixie chased them. The girl threw a brush, which became a mountain with thousands of spikes, which the nixie got through with great effort. The boy threw a comb behind them, which became a mountains with thousands of teeth, which the nixie got through with great effort. The girl threw a mirror behind them, which became a mountain too slick for the nixie to climb. She went back to get an ax, but before she could chop through the mountain, they escaped.

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