color = brown
name = "Salmonella"

image_width = 240px
regnum = Bacteria
phylum = Proteobacteria
classis = Gamma Proteobacteria
ordo = Enterobacteriales
familia = Enterobacteriaceae
genus = "Salmonella"
genus_authority = Lignieres 1900
subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision ="S. bongori"
"S. enterica"
"S. liverpool"
"S. abony"

"Salmonella" is a genus of rod-shaped Gram-negative enterobacteria that causes typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, and foodborne illness.cite book | author = Ryan KJ, Ray CG (editors) | title = Sherris Medical Microbiology | edition = 4th ed. | pages=pp. 362-8 | publisher = McGraw Hill | year = 2004 | id = ISBN 0-8385-8529-9 ] "Salmonella" species are motile and produce hydrogen sulfide.cite book | author = Giannella RA | editor = Baron S "et al" (eds.) | chapter = Salmonella | title = Baron's Medical Microbiology | edition = 4th ed. | publisher = Univ of Texas Medical Branch | year = 1996 | chapterurl =| isbn = 0-9631172-1-1 ]


"Salmonella" antibodies were first found in Malawi children in research published in 2008. The Malawian researchers have identified an antibody that protects children against bacterial infections of the blood caused by Salmonella. A study of 352 children at Blantyre's Queen Elizabeth hospital found that children up to two years old develop antibodies that aid in killing the bacteria. The researchers proposed that this could lead to a possible "Salmonella" vaccine. [cite journal |author=MacLennan CA, Gondwe EN, Msefula CL, "et al" |title=The neglected role of antibody in protection against bacteremia caused by nontyphoidal strains of Salmonella in African children |journal=J. Clin. Invest. |volume=118 |issue=4 |pages=1553–62 |year=2008 |month=April |pmid=18357343 |pmc=2268878 |doi=10.1172/JCI33998 |url=]

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