Prime Minister of Latvia

Prime Minister of Latvia

The Prime Minister of Latvia is the most powerful member of the Government of the Republic of Latvia, and presides over the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers. The Prime Minister is nominated by the President of Latvia, but must be able to obtain the support of a majority of Saeima (parliament).

The tables below display all Latvian Prime Ministers for both the first period when Latvia was independent (1918–1940) and since the country regained its independence (1990–present). From 1990 to 6 July 1993, the office was known as Chairman of the Council of Ministers, but is generally considered to have been the same role.

List of Prime Ministers (1918-1940)

# During the 1918-1920 Independence War, Latvia was contested by two other governments: the government of Soviet Latvia, led by Pēteris Stučka, and the government of Andrievs Niedra, backed by Baltic Germans. Some sources may list Stučka and Niedra as prime ministers for periods when their governments controlled most of Latvia.
# On 15 May 1934, prime minister Ulmanis dissolved parliament and banned all political parties (including his own "Farmer's Union"), becoming a dictator.

List of Prime Ministers (1990-present)

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* [ Official list from the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers]

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