"Bocanada" (Puff) is the heavily electronic second solo album by Argentine singer/songwriter Gustavo Cerati. This is Cerati's first album release after the breakup of Soda Stereo, although he had been working with Plan V and Ocio, two bands oriented towards electronica. "Raíz" was the album's first cut played in radio stations, and "Puente" was the first music video to be released. "Bocanada" is Cerati's album with the most music videos produced to date.

Infobox Album |
Name = Bocanada
Type = Album
Artist = Gustavo Cerati |
Released = July 21, 1999
Genre = Rock en Español
Length = 69:19
Label = BMG International
Reviews =
* Allmusic Rating|4.5|5 [ link]
Last album = "Amor Amarillo"
This album = "Bocanada"
Next album = "Siempre es Hoy"

Track listing

All tracks written by Gustavo Cerati, except where noted.

#"Tabú" (Taboo)
#"Engaña" (It Deceives)
#"Bocanada" (Cerati - Chaijale) (Mouthfull)
#"Puente" (Bridge)
#"Río Babel" (Babel River)
#"Perdonar Es Divino" (Cerati - Etcheto) (Forgiving Is Divine)
#"Verbo Carne" (Flesh Verb)
#*"Featuring The London Session Orchestra directed by Gavin Wright".
#"Raíz" (Root)
#"Y Si el Humo Está en Foco..." (And If The Smoke Is In Focus...)
#"Paseo Inmoral" (Cerati - Bochatón) (Inmoral Walk)
#"Aquí & Ahora (Los Primeros Tres Minutos)" (Here & Now [The First Three Minutes] )
#"Aquí & Ahora (Y Después)" (Here and Now [And Then] )
#"Alma" (Cerati - Etcheto) (Soul)
#"Balsa" (Raft)


This is the album which has the most videos released in Gustavo Cerati's soloist career at this moment.

* Puente [] .
* Paseo Inmoral [] .
* Tabú [] .
* Engaña [] .
* Río Babel [] .


Produced By Gustavo Cerati. Recorded at CasaSubmarina, Buenos Aires. The Symphonic Orchestra was recorded at Abbey Road, London.

Invited Musicians

* Flavius Etcheto: Sampler in all tracks minus "Raiz" and "Verbo Carne".
* Leo García: Sampler, Backing Vocals in "Engaña", "Puente" and "Aqui y Ahora".
* Martín Carrizo: drums.
* Fernando Nalé: Bass in 4, 6, 11. Double Bass in 3, 5. Fretless Bass in 13.
* Tweety González: Organ in "Beautiful".
* Alejandro Terán: Arranger in "Verbo Carne".

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