Baby Face Finlayson

Baby Face Finlayson

Baby Face Finlayson was a fictional character in a comic strip in the UK comic "The Beano", first appearing in issue 1553, dated 22 April 1972. Baby Face Finlayson "The Cutest Bandit in the West" was an outlaw in the American Old West, who was also, surreally, a baby.

His name is derived from the real-life American gangster of the '30s Baby Face Nelson (real name Lester Joseph Gillis).

He was originally a minor character in Little Plum, but was later given a strip of his own. He rode around in a motorised pram, stealing everything that wasn't tied down, whilst shouting "Yuk Yuk!". He had a number of accomplices, including Jessie James, Sid the Kid and Goo Goo McGoo who were also, apparently, babies. Their chief nemesis was Sheriff "Marsh" Mallow of Cactus Gulch.

When the strip returned in 1980, the Wild West theme was dropped, and the setting was moved to England. The tagline was also changed to "The Cutest Bandit Around". On both occasions the strip was drawn by Ron Spencer.

In issue 3181, dated 5 July 2003, he cameoed in a Little Plum strip, when he stole Little Plum's wigwam. He sped off in his pram, crashed into a buffalo so Little Plum thought he had learned his lesson, until he steals Little Plum's clothes without him noticing and rides off. In September 2004 he reappeared again for five weeks in his own strip, this time drawn by Emilios Hatjoullis. He has appeared in the Beano Annual every year since then. In 2006 Baby Face returned as a villainous gangster in the Bash St Kids Adventures Schools Out and Hot Rod Cow, written and drawn by Kev F Sutherland. He appears in the 2008 Beano annual in the story Pluggy Love.

The catch was that if you turned his face upside down - you had a baby's face!

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