Okinawa Open

Okinawa Open

The Okinawa Open was a men's professional golf tournament that was co-sanctioned by the Asian Tour and the Japan Golf Tour. It was played each December from 2002 to 2005 and counted as the first official money event of the following season for both tours, that is for example the 2005 event was part of the 2006 season. The first two events were sanctioned by the Japan Golf Tour only, and co-sanctioning began in 2004. It was the only co-sanctioned event on the Japan Golf Tour. The Asian Tour also co-sanctions several events with the European Tour. The prize fund was US$830,000 each of the first two years.


Asia Japan Okinawa Open Main listing is year played; the year in brackets is the relevant season.

Fancl Open in Okinawa

Fancl Okinawa Open

DDI Group Okinawa Open

Daikyo Open

Okinawa TV Cup

Okinawa Classic

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