Wu School

Wu School

Wu School is the term applied to a group of painters of the Southern School during the Ming period of Chinese history, and was not an academy or educational institution, but instead was largely by artistic theory of its members. Often classified as Literati, scholars, or amateur painters (as opposed to professionals), members idealized concepts of personalizing works and integrating the artists into the art. A Wu School painting is characterized by inscriptions describing either the painting, the date, method, or reason for the work, which is usually seen as a vehicle for personal expression. Shen Zhou (1427-1509) is typically cited as the founder of the Wu School.

Well-known Wu School paintings include:
*"Walking with a Staff" by Shen Zhou.
*"Lofty Mt. Lu" by Shen Zhou.
*"Poet on a Mountain Top" by Shen Zhou.
*"Night Vigil" by Shen Zhou.

The Zhe School is usually referenced in opposition to the Wu School.

ee also

* Chinese painting
* Southern School of which the Wu School is a part
* Zhe School - another group within the Southern School


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