Macedonian Radio-Television

Macedonian Radio-Television

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network_name = Makedonska Radio Televizija (MKTV)
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network_type = Broadcast national television network
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country = MKD
available = National; international (via MKTV Sat)
founded = 1944 (radio), 1964 (television)
founder = Government of SR Macedonia
slogan = Ова е Македонска Радио Телевизија, ова е Македонија (This is Macedonian Radio Television, this is Macedonia)
motto =
market_share =
license_area =
broadcast_area =
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erp =
owner = 99.9% state-owned, supervised by an Administrative Council appointed by Parliament
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launch_date = December 14, 1964
closure_date =
past_names = Радио Телевизија Скопје (РТС)
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Macedonian Radio Television (Macedonian: Македонска Радио Телевизија, Latinic: "Makedonska Radio Televizija") (or MRT) is the public broadcasting organization of the Republic of Macedonia. It was founded in 1993 by the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia. Its legally defined service is the production and broadcasting of radio and television programmes of all genres, which should satisfy the public information, cultural, educational and recreational needs of the people of the Republic of Macedonia.


In its structure, Macedonian Radio and Television has the following organisational parts: Macedonian Radio, Macedonian Television, human resources for production and joint services of MRT.

With the new organisational structure, joint sectors and departments have been established, not only for the rationalisation of expenses, but mainly to create and integrated programme of public interest, beginning with the News Department, the joint Archive, the Multicultural Department, Department of multilingual programme, etc.


The work of Macedonian Radio began on 28th December 1944, under the name of Radio Skopje, with the live broadcast of the Second Session of ASNOM (the highest legislative body of the newly formed state). This date is celebrated as MRT day.

The 14th of December 1964 is officially considered as the start of Macedonian Television (formerly Television Skopje).

In 1993 Macedonian Radio and Television separated from the association of Yugoslav radio and television broadcasters. In July 1993, MRT was admitted as a full active member of the European Broadcasting Union. As a result of a naming dispute with Greece of the name Macedonia, MRT was admitted only under the achronym: MKRTV.

With the broadcasting law (24th April 1997) Macedonian Radio and Television was divided into two parts: Macedonian radio-diffusion and Macedonian Radio Television. According to article 77 of the broadcasting law, 61% of the collected broadcasting tax belongs to Macedonian Radio Television.

The Future

The future of the Macedonian Radio and Television is in the hands by the Macedonian government.The Macedonian government recently stated that for MKRTV the most likely chance is to go bankrupt because of the financial situation of the broadcaster,or either liquidation.



Macedonian Radio broadcasts 86.5 hours of programmes daily on its three channels, and on the satellite channel.

The First channel broadcasts a continuous 24-hour programme.

The Second channel, Radio 2, broadcasts a 16 hour programme from 6 AM to 10 PM, after which the Third channel continues with its programme from 10 PM to 2 AM, and from 2 AM to 6 AM "Channel 103" broadcasts its programme.

The satellite channel of Macedonian Radio commenced in July 2003, and broadcasts a 24-hour continual programme, which is a selection of programmes from Macedonian Radio and its original programme "Radio Macedonia" with a duration of 6 hours and 30 minutes.

Macedonian Radio broadcasts programmes in all the languages of the national minorities in the Republic of Macedonia, including Albanian (from 1948) 8,5 hours; Turkish (from 1945) 5 hours; Vlach (from 1991); Romany (from 1991); Serbian (from 2003) and Bosnian (from 2003) all 30 minutes each per day. Also programmes in Bulgarian and Serbian are broadcasted in the "Radio Macedonia" slot.

Macedonian Radio also broadcasts its programme over the Internet.


Macedonian Television broadcasts 73 hours of programmes daily on its three channels and on the satellite channel.

The First channel broadcasts a continuous 24-hour programme.

The Second channel broadcasts programmes for the national minorities in the Republic of Macedonia. Albanian, Turkish, as well as programmes in Serbian, Romany, Vlach and Bosnian.

The Third channel or Sobraniski Kanal was formed in 1991 as an experimental channel, but now it broadcasts the activities from the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia.

The satellite channel started in 2000 and broadcasts a continuous 24-hour programme, which are a selection of programmes from MRT, as well as its original programme of 5 hours.

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