The Hotel

The Hotel

The Hotel (zh-s|s=大酒店) is a Singapore Chinese Horror drama which was telecast on Singapore's television station, Mediacorp, in 1999. It is a large-scale production, which has a total of 20 episodes, with more than 95% of Mediacorp Artistes appearing in the drama, mostly either as cameos or as guest characters.

The main cast of the show incluses Chen Hanwei, Zoe Tay, Fann Wong, Phyllis Quek, Ivy Lee, Edmund Chen, Huang Biren, San Yow, Chen Liping, May Phua and Yang Libing. Many of the main cast are veteran actors and actresses who have won many awards. They include Best Actor winners Chen Hanwei and Best Actress winners Zoe Tay, Fann Wong, Huang Biren and Ivy Lee.


The Hotel revolves around a family-run business named Queen's Hotel which has been around for 2 decades. Jointly run by Seto (Ivy Lee), her sister, Rainbow (Jacelyn Tay), brother, Ah Boy (Andi Lim) and sister-in-law Lychee (Yang Libing), their 3-star hotel goes downhill due to poor management. Alarmed at the poor financial situation, sleeping major shareholders and Emil (Edmund Chen) and his younger brother Sunny (Chen Hanwei) step in to salvage the failing business. Emil introduces a series of budget cuts, which results in friction between the brothers and Seto's family.

Very different in character, Seto and Emil do not see eye to eye with each other on many issues. Emil however admires Rainbow's frankness and decides to court her. Seto, who deems men as good-for-nothings, is unexpectedly drawn to Sunny's manliness. Sunny and Rainbow are dreadfully worried about the affections of each other's elder siblings; they pose as lovers in order to fend them off. However, the 2 fall genuinely in love instead, leaving Seto and Emil devastated.

As fate would have it, a series of events in the hotel dissolves the animosity between Seto and Emil and they soon develop feelings for each other. However, pride prevents them from admitting their feelings.

Under Emil's management, the hotel business sees some improvement. A businessman offers to take over the hotel but is rejected by Emil as his beloved has a stake in it as well. Just as he finally decides to express his love for Seto openly, the hotel receives a lawyer's letter and the person who is determined to sue the hotel turns out to be Seto's cousin.

The End.

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