:"See also, bond" Bonds can refer to any of several things:

*Companies called bonds:
**Bonds (company) an Australian clothing company
**A department store in Norwich, England, formerly called Bonds: see John Lewis Norwich John Lewis Partnership
**A department store in Chelmsford, Essex, England, formerly called Bonds: see Debenhams Chelmsford Debenhams

People named Bonds:

* Alfred Bryan Bonds
* Barry Bonds (b. 1964), former Major League Baseball player
* Bill Bonds
* Billy Bonds
* Bobby Bonds (1946-2003), Major League Baseball player, father of Barry Bonds
* De'Aundre Bonds
* Gary U.S. Bonds (b. 1939), American rhythm and blues and rock 'n' roll singer
* Margaret Bonds
* Rosie Bonds
* Scott Bonds

*Bond (finance), in finance, a debt security
*Investment bond, a life assurance based single premium investment
*Surety bond
*Bail bond
*Tenancy bond, taken by a landlord in relation to rental of a property
*Bond number, in fluid mechanics, a dimensionless number expressing the ratio of gravitational forces to surface tension forces
*Psychological bond, a form of relationship
*Chemical bond, the physical phenomenon of chemical substances being held together by attraction of atoms
*Bond, the manner in which the bricks overlap as they are laid in brickwork
*Bond paper, a high quality durable writing paper
*BOND, RAD Software tool
*Bond Cars Ltd a small scale car manufacturer between 1949 and 1971.
*bond (band) is an Australian/British string quartet

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