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Sõpruse avenue


Coat of arms
Location of Mustamäe in Tallinn
Country  Estonia
County Flag of et-Harju maakond.svg Harju County
City Flag of Tallinn.svg Tallinn
 – District Elder Lauri Laats
 – Total 8.1 km2 (3.1 sq mi)
Population (01.06.2010[1])
 – Total 64,450
 – Density 7,956.8/km2 (20,608/sq mi)

Mustamäe is one of the 8 administrative districts (Estonian: linnaosa) of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The smallest by area (it covers only 8.1 km²), it is at the same time the second largest district by population with 64,450 inhabitants (as of 1 June 2010)[1]. It is located 5 km from the centre of Tallinn and is bordered by districts Haabersti, Nõmme, and Kristiine. Local housing is mostly represented by 5-9 stories high panel blocks of flats, built in the 1960–1970s. Mustamäe is usually referred to as a bedroom community.



Mustamäe covers 8.1 km² and is located 5km from the center of Tallinn. Mustamäe is bordered by the streets Tuuliku, Kadaka tee, Tildri, Siili, Nõmme tee, Retke tee, Ehitajate tee, Üliõpilaste tee, Raja, Soone, Lossi, Mäepealse, Kadaka puiestee, Järveotsa tee. Mustamäe is bordered by Nõmme hill (part of the Baltic Klint) in the south and Tallinn Zoo in northwest.

Mustamäe is divided into 4 subdistricts (Estonian: asum):


Apartment blocks on Vilde road

Established in 1962 and completed in 1973 as a microdistrict, Mustamäe was Tallinn's first large district. Similar districts, Õismäe and Lasnamäe were completed later.

Landmarks and institutions

  • Tallinn Bus Company
  • Tallinn University of Technology
  • Mustamäe Regional Hospital
  • "Tehnopol" Technology Park including the headquarters of Skype
  • Center of culture "Kaja"
  • Conference center "Sütiste maja"
  • Mustamäe Boiler Plant with a 125-meter chimney
  • Männi Park
  • Shopping center "Mustamäe Kaubanduskeskus"
  • Shopping center "Magistral"
  • Marketplace "Szolnoki turg" (named after the bus stop "Szolnok", which in turn is named after the town Szolnok in Hungary)
  • Headquarters of Eesti Energia
  • Tiit Soku Korvpallikool (Tiit Sokk Basketball School)
  • Restaurant "Izmir" (former restaurant "Szolnok")
  • Nightclub "Aspirin"
  • Sculpture "Mõtlik mees" (Thoughtful man) by Tauno Kangro


View of Mustamäe from Nõmme


Bus stop on Sõpruse puiestee

Mustamäe is connected to the rest of Tallinn via three main streets: Mustamäe tee and Sõpruse puiestee lead to the centre of Tallinn, and Ehitajate tee crosses Mustamäe while connecting Nõmme and Õismäe. Other major streets include: A. H. Tammsaare tee, Kadaka tee, Ed. Vilde tee, and Akadeemia tee. Most of the public transportation operates on these streets. Mustamäe is serviced by buses and trolleybuses. Out the 8 trolleybus lines of Tallinn, 6 operate (partly) in Mustamäe.


List of District Elders (linnaosavanem) of Mustamäe[2]:

Years Name Party
1993 Ain Lillepalu
1993–1999 Jevgeni Tomberg United People's Party
1999 Vladimir Ivanov United People's Party
1999–2000 Pavel Starostin United People's Party
2000–2001 Voldemar Trumm United People's Party
2001–2004 Helle Kalda Centre Party
2004 Aivar Riisalu Centre Party
2004–2005 Mario Sootna People's Union
2005–2009 Kalle Mihkels Centre Party
2009–2010 Lauri Laats Social Democrats

Cultural significance


  • "The Autumn Ball: Scenes of City Life" (1979) by Mati Unt (translated from Estonian by Mart Aru)
  • "Mustamäe armastus" (1978) by Arvo Valton


  • "Mustamäe valss" (Mustamäe Walz), composed by Avo Tamme; lyrics by Heldur Karmo
  • "Kus on mu kodu"' (Where is my home?), by Agent M


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