Red bean paste

Red bean paste

. Strictly speaking, the term "an" can refer to almost any edible mashed paste, although without qualifiers red beans are assumed. Common alternatives include "shiroan" ( _ja. 白餡), made from white kidney beans, and "kurian" ( _ja. 栗餡), made from chestnuts.

Similarly, the Chinese term "dou sha" ( _zh. 豆沙), which literally means "bean sand" due to its fine texture, applies to red bean paste when used without qualifiers, although "hongdou sha" (紅豆沙) explicitly means red bean paste ("hong" meaning "red").



Red bean paste is used in many Chinese foods, such as:
* Red bean soup ( _zh. 紅豆湯/紅豆沙; pinyin: hóng dòu tāng / hóng dòu shā): Red bean paste with more water added to form a "tong sui", or thick, sweet soup. Often cooked and eaten with "tangyuan" and lotus seeds. This is almost always a dessert.
* "Tangyuan" ( _zh. 湯圓, pinyin: tāng yúan): Glutinous rice balls filled with sweet fillings such as red bean paste and boiled in plain or sweetened water.
* "Zongzi" ( _zh. 粽子; pinyin: zòng zĭ): Glutinous rice and red bean paste wrapped with bamboo leaves and steamed or boiled. The glutinous rice used to make zongzi is usually specially prepared and appears yellow.
* Mooncakes ( _zh. 月餅; yùe bíng): A baked pastry consisting of thin dough surrounding a filling. The filling is traditionally made from various ingredients, including mashed lotus seeds, red bean paste, or other fillings. The texture of this filling is quite similar to straight red bean paste.
* "Baozi" ( _zh. 豆沙包; pinyin: dòu shā bāo): Steamed leavened bread filled with a variety of savory or sweet fillings.
* Red bean cake (zh-cp|c=红豆糕|p=hóng dòu gāo)
* Red bean pancake


Red bean paste is used in many Japanese sweets, such as: [ [ redbean paste] ]
* Anmitsu ("an" and jelly)
* Anpan ("an" and bread)
* Daifuku
* Dango
* Dorayaki (azuki bean pancake)
* Manju
* Oshiruko or "Zenzai" (azuki bean soup, commonly served over shaved ice with dango. Sweetened condensed milk is often poured over the top for added flavor)
* Taiyaki
* Uirō (a traditional Japanese steamed cake)
* Yōkan (red bean jelly)


Red bean paste is used in various Korean snack foods and desserts; including:
*Baram Dduk
*Bungeoppang (붕어빵)
*Hotteok (호떡)
*Patbingsu (팥빙수)
*Patdanja (팥단자)
*Patjuk (팥죽)
*Pattteok (팥떡)

It is a custom in Korea to eat red bean paste (팥죽, patjuk) on the winter solstice (동지) day. It was said to expel bad spirits out of the person, and keep the person healthy throughout the winter by warming the body.

Cultural use

*The cartoon hero Anpanman is an anthropomorphic "anpan" bun filled with azuki bean paste.
*Anko is also the given name of a character from the popular manga/anime "Naruto". Anko and Mitarashi, her family name, are also ingredients in her favorite food, dango.
*Hinata Hyuuga, a character from the manga/anime "Naruto" 's favorite food is red bean paste.
*In Natsume Sōseki classic novel "I Am a Cat", Prof. Sneeze is addicted to red bean jam, on which his wife blames both his dyspepsia and the family's unaffordable food bills.


ee also

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