North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party

North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party

Infobox American_State_Political_Party
party_name = North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party
chairman = David Strauss
senateleader = David O'Connell
houseleader = Merle Boucher
foundation = 1956
colours = Blue
ideology = American Liberalism
national = Democratic Party
headquarters = Kennedy Center
1902 East Divide Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58501
website = []
footnotes =

The North Dakota Democratic Non-Partisan League Party (abbreviated Democratic-NPL or Dem-NPL) is a North Dakota political party affiliated with the Democratic Party of the United States. The current party chairman is David Strauss.


The Democratic-NPL formed in 1956 by the merger of the state Democratic Party with the Non-Partisan League.

Notable figures

*Quentin Burdick - former U.S. Senator
*Jocelyn Burdick - former U.S. Senator
*Bill Guy - former Governor
*Art Link - former Governor
*George Sinner - former Governor
*Heidi Heitkamp - former Attorney General
*Mike Huttlin - former Governor

Elected officials

*United States Senate - Kent Conrad, Byron Dorgan
*United States House of Representatives - Earl Pomeroy
*North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner - Roger Johnson
*North Dakota Superintendent of Public Instruction - Wayne Sanstead
*North Dakota House Minority Leader - Merle Boucher
*North Dakota Senate Minority Leader - David O'Connell

2006 midterm election candidates

The following Democratic-NPL candidates were re-elected:
*Kent Conrad - U.S. Senate
*Earl Pomeroy - U.S. House
*Roger Johnson - Agriculture Commissioner

The following Democratic-NPL candidates ran for an office currently not held by the Democratic-NPL party and were unsuccessful:
*Brent Edison - Tax Comissioner
*Kristin Hedger - Secretary of State
*Bill Brudvik - Attorney General
*Cheryl Bergian - Public Service Commissioner

ee also

*Politics of North Dakota
*North Dakota Republican Party - North Dakota affiliate of the Republican Party

External links

* [ North Dakota Democratic-NPL website]

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