Tyumen Oblast

Tyumen Oblast

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EnglishName=Tyumen Oblast
RussianName=Тюменская область


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AdmCtrOrCapital=Administrative center
FoundationDate=August 14, 1944
PoliticalStatusLink=Oblasts of Russia
EconomicRegion=West Siberian
HeadName=Vladimir Yakushev
PrimeName=Sergey Sarychev
Legislature=Oblast Duma
ConstitutionName=Charter of Tyumen Oblast

Tyumen Oblast ( _ru. Тюме́нская о́бласть, "Tyumenskaya oblast") is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast). Its administrative center is the city of Tyumen. It has administrative jurisdiction over two autonomous okrugs, Khantia-Mansia and Yamalia. Tyumen is the largest city, with over half a million inhabitants. As of 2006, it is by far the richest federal subject of Russia, with an average GDP per capita several times the national average. [ [http://www.gks.ru/bgd/free/b01_19/IssWWW.exe/Stg/d000/dusha98-06.htm Валовой региональный продукт на душу населения ] ]


Time zone

Tyumen Oblast is located in the Yekaterinburg Time Zone (YEKT/YEKST). UTC offset is +0500 (YEKT)/+0600 (YEKST).

Administrative divisions


"Population": 3,264,841 (2002 Census).

"Ethnic groups": There were thirty-six recognised ethnic groups of more than two thousand persons each in Tyumen Oblast, making this one of the most multicultural oblasts in Russia. The national composition at the time of the census was:• Russians:(71.56%);• Tatars:(7.18%);• Ukrainians:(6.47%);• Bashkirs:(1.43%);• Azeris:(1.30%);• Belarusians:(1.10%);• Chuvash:(0.93%);• Nenets:(0.87%);• Germans:(0.83%);• Khants:(0.82%);• Kazakhs:(0.57%);• Moldovans:(0.55%);• Armenians:(0.45%);• Kumyks:(0.38%);• Mari:(0.34%);• Lezgin:(0.34%);• Chechens:(0.33%);• Mansi:(0.32%);• Mordovians:(0.30%);• Komi:(0.27%);• Tajiks:(0.24%);• Siberian Tatars:(0.24%);• Uzbeks:(0.24%);• Udmurts:(0.19%);• Nogai:(0.13%);• Bulgarians:(0.11%);• Poles:(0.10%);• Komi-Permiaks:(0.10%);• Georgians:(0.10%);• Kyrgyz:(0.09%);• Avars:(0.08%);• Dargins:(0.08%);• Gagauz:(0.08%);• Ingush:(0.07%);• Roma:(0.06%);• Greeks:(0.06%);• Selkup:(0.06%);• Ossetians:(0.06%);• Komi-Izhems:(0.05%);• Jews:(0.05%);• Koreans:(0.05%),• and 0.50% others.• In addition, another 0.96% of the inhabitants declined to state their nationality on the census questionnaire. [cite paper|url=http://www.perepis2002.ru/ct/doc/English/4-2.xls |title=National Composition of Population for Regions of the Russian Federation |accessdate=2006-07-20 |format=XLS |publisher=2002 Russian All-Population Census |date=2002]

Vital Statistics for 2007: Source

Birth Rate: 14.20 per 1000

Death Rate: 9.00 per 1000

Net Immigration: +2.9 per 1000

NGR: +0.52% per Year

PGR: +0.81% per Year


A minor planet 2120 Tyumenia discovered in 1967 by Soviet astronomer Tamara Mikhailovna Smirnova is named after Tyumen Oblast. [cite book | last = Schmadel | first = Lutz D. | coauthors = | title = Dictionary of Minor Planet Names | pages = p. 172 | edition = 5th | year = 2003 | publisher = Springer Verlag | location = New York | url = http://books.google.com/books?q=2120+Tyumenia | id = ISBN 3540002383]

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*2007 Siberian orange snow


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