Greater Skopje

Greater Skopje

Greater Skopje (Macedonian: "Големо Скопје", "Golemo Skopje", _sq. Shkup, or Shkupi) [Qyteti i Shkupit (Albanian for City of Skopje) [ Official Website of the Municipality of Skopje, in Albanian Language] ] ), is an administrative division within the Republic of Macedonia constituted of 10 municipalities. As a such administrative unit Skopje is the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. It is part of Skopje statistical region ("Скопски регион").

The organisation of "Greate Skopje", like a distinct unit of the local-selfgovernment is defined by the Law of Skopje.


Skopje is located in the northern part of the Republic of Macedonia, in the Skopje statistical region. The Vardar River flows through the city towards into the Aegean Sea. Skopje is located at an elevation of 255 meters above sea level. The city's land area is 1,854 km² (715.8 sq mi).

urrounding municipalities

Geographic Location (8-way)
North= Čučer-Sandevo,
Northeast= Lipkovo
Center= Greater Skopje
East= Aračinovo, Ilinden
Southeast= Petrovec
South= Studeničani, Sopište
West= Želino, Jegunovce


Skopje's 10 municipalities are:


According to the 2002 census, ref|statgov the population of Skopje was 506,926 people. The main ethnic group are Macedonians, who make up 66.75% of the population, followed by Albanians (20.49%), Roma (4.63%), Serbs (2.82%), Turks (1.70%), Bosniaks (1.50%) and Aromanians (0.50%).

97.5% of the population over the age of 10 is literate.


*In 1945 by law, Macedonia territorially is organised in 4 areas, 32 subareas and 894 local peoples' councils.
*From 1949 to 1952 were brought six laws for territorial organisation.
*In 1952 the number of the municipalities has fallen from 223 to 86, and the subareas from 18 to 7.
*In 1957 there are 7 subareas and 73 municipalities in 1965.
*In 1965 with the law defining the areas of the municipalities in the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, the subareas were abolished and the number of the municipalities is 32.
*From 1976 until 1996 Macedonia Skopje is organised as a distinct social-political community comprising of 5 municipalities: Gazi Baba, Karpoš, Kisela Voda,Centar and Čair.
*From 1996 to 2004 Skopje is defined as a distinct unit of the local-selfgovernment and has 7 municipalities: Gazi Baba, Karpoš, Kisela Voda,Centar and Čair, Šuto Orizari and Gjorče Petrov.


# [ Hierarchical Administrative Subdivision Codes (HASC)] : related to ISO subnational codes (yet undefined for Macedonian municipalities)
# [ 2002 census results in English and Macedonian (PDF)]

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