List of popular music genres

List of popular music genres

This is a list of the commercially-relevant genres in modern popular music. Styles that are not contemporary or commercially marketed in substantial numbers have been excluded, in accordance with the following criteria:
#Art music: classical music and opera.
#Music written for the score of a play, stage musical, operetta, zarzuela, film or similar: Filmi, incidental music, music hall songs and showtunes.
#Ballroom music: tango, pasodoble, cha cha cha and others.
#Religious music: gospel, Gregorian chant, spirituals, hymns and the like.
#Military music, marches, national anthems and related compositions.
#Regional and national musics with no significant commercial impact abroad, except when a version of an international genre: Western traditional music, folk, oral traditions, sea shanties, work songs, nursery rhymes, Arabesque, Chalga, Enka, Flamenco, indigenous music and Mor lam sing.
#Genres which are not distinguishable from existing ones, and those that consist of a mixture of styles, such as dansband and ghettotech.Applicable styles are classified in this list using Allmusic [] genre categorisation.


*Experimental music
**Minimalist music


*Country blues
*Delta blues
*Electric blues
*Jump blues


*Alternative country
*Country pop
**Nashville sound/Countrypolitan
**Urban Cowboy
*Country rock
*Honky tonk
**Bakersfield Sound
*Progressive country
**Neotraditional country
**Outlaw country
**Rock and Roll
*Traditional country
***Progressive bluegrass
***Traditional bluegrass
**Close harmony
**String band
**Western swing

Easy listening

*Background music
*Beautiful music
*Elevator music
*Furniture music
*Lounge music
*Middle of the road


**Dark ambient
**Big beat
**Drum and bass
**Goa trance
***Psychedelic trance
**Happy hardcore
**Hardcore techno
***Ambient house
***Italo house
***Acid house
***Progressive trance
***Acid breaks
**Trip hop
*Industrial music
*Progressive electronic

=Hip hop/Rap music=

*Abstract hip hop
*Chicano Rap
*Dirty rap and Pornocore
*East coast hip hop
*Gangsta rap
*Miami bass
*Political hip hop
*West coast hip hop
*World hip hop
**African hip hop
**Asian hip hop
**Australian hip hop
**European hip hop
***British hip hop
**Middle Eastern hip hop
**North America
***Canadian hip hop
***Mexican hip hop
**New Zealand hip hop
**South American hip hop


*Acid jazz
*Asian American jazz
*Avant-garde jazz
*Big band
*Crossover jazz
*Calypso jazz
*Chamber jazz
*Cool jazz
*Free jazz
*Gypsy jazz
*Hard bop
*Jazz blues
*Jazz fusion
*Jazz rap
*Latin jazz
*Mainstream jazz
*Modal jazz
*Nu jazz
*Smooth jazz
*Soul jazz
*Trad jazz
*West Coast jazz



Modern folk

*Folk rock
*Indie folk
*Progressive folk
*Pop folk

=New Age=


*2 tone
*Lovers Rock

Rhythm and blues

*Contemporary R&B
*Doo wop
*New jack swing
**Northern Soul
**Neo Soul
*Urban contemporary


*Alternative rock
**Nu metal
**Indie rock
*Dark cabaret
*Desert rock
*Garage Rock
*Glam rock
*Gothic rock
*Hard rock
*Heavy metal
**Extreme metal
***Black metal
***Death metal
***Doom metal
***Thrash metal
**Power metal
**Glam metal
**Groove metal
**Progressive metal
**Speed metal
**Symphonic metal
*Industrial rock
*New Wave
*Progressive rock
*Psychedelic rock
**Acid rock
*Punk rock
**Anarcho punk
***Crust punk
**Hardcore punk
*Rap Rock
*Rock and roll
*Southern rock
*Surf rock


**Adult contemporary music
**Adult oriented pop music
**Adult standards
**Arab pop
**Baroque pop
**Bastard pop
**Brazilian pop
**Bubblegum pop
**Chinese pop
**Contemporary Christian
**Country pop
**Disco polo
**Dream pop
**Euro disco
**French pop
**Greek Laïkó pop
**Hindi pop
**Hong Kong and Cantonese pop
**Hong Kong English pop
**Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks
**Indie pop
**Indonesian pop
**Italo dance
**Italo disco
**Jangle pop
**Japanese pop
**Korean pop
**Latin pop
**Louisiana swamp pop
**Mandarin pop
**Manufactured pop
**Mexican pop
**New romantic
**Noise pop
**Operatic pop
**Persian pop
**Pop punk
**Pop rap
**Pop rock
**Power pop
**Psychedelic pop
**Russian pop
**Space age pop
**Sunshine pop
**Surf pop
**Taiwanese pop
**Teen pop
**Thai pop
**Turkish pop
**Twee pop
**US pop
**Yugoslav pop




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