What Planet Are You From?

What Planet Are You From?

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name = What Planet Are You From?
caption = The DVD cover deletable image-caption
director = Mike Nichols
writer = Garry Shandling
Michael Leeson
Ed Solomon
Peter Tolan
producer = Mike Nichols
Neil A. Machlis
Garry Shandling
starring = Garry Shandling
Annette Bening
John Goodman
Ben Kingsley
music = Carter Burwell
cinematography = Michael Ballhaus
editing = Richard Marks
distributor = Columbia Pictures
released = USA
March 3, 2000
budget = $50,000,000
gross = $6,291,602

"What Planet Are You From?" is a 2000 comedy film starring Garry Shandling and Annette Bening. It was directed by Mike Nichols.


A denizen (Garry Shandling) of a faraway planet occupied only by highly evolved males is ordered to find a female human, impregnate her and bring the baby back to the planet. The visitor to Earth assumes the name Harold Anderson and eventually meets Susan (Annette Bening), a recovering alcoholic. He must marry her before he can try to mate.

Greg Kinnear plays Harold's sleazy, conniving co-worker at the bank, and John Goodman co-stars as an FAA worker obsessed with finding the alien.

Cast and roles

* Garry Shandling - Harold Anderson
* Annette Bening - Susan Anderson
* John Goodman - Roland Jones
* Greg Kinnear - Perry Gordon
* Ben Kingsley - Graydon
* Judy Greer - Rebecca
* Danny Zorn - Randy
* Harmony Smith - Rita
* Richard Jenkins - Don Fisk
* Linda Fiorentino - Helen Gordon
* Caroline Aaron - Nadine Jones
* Nora Dunn - Madeline
* Cricky Long - Janice
* Camryn Manheim - Alison
* Ann Cusack - Liz

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