Abahatta (also Apabhramsa Avahatta, Apabhramsha Abahatta or Purvi Apabhramsa) is a stage in the evolution of the Eastern group of Indo-Aryan languages such as Bangla, Maithili, Oriya. Abahatta is considered to follow the Apabhramsha stage, i.e. those Apabhramsha's derived from Magadhi Prakrits.

Abahatta which existed from the 6th century to 14th century, was contemporaneous with some Apabhramsa languages as well as the early Modern languages such as Old Bangla or Maithili. Many poets composed both in Abahatta and a modern language, e.g. Charyapada poets wrote dohas or short religious verses in Abahatta; the Maithili poet Vidyapati wrote his autobiography "Kirtilata" in Abahatta.

The Abahatta stage is characterized by the loss of affixes and suffixes, loss of grammatical gender, increased usage of short vowels,nasalisation at the end or in the middle of words, the substitution of h for s, etc.

For the Bengali language, the Abahatta stage was followed by the Old Bangla (ca. 1100 AD).

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