Ernst (comics)

Ernst (comics)


caption= Ernest, by Phil Jimnez
real_name=unknown, possibly Ernst
species= supposed Human Mutant
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="New X-Men" vol. 1 #135
creators= Grant Morrison (writer)
Frank Quitely (artist)
alliances=Xavier Institute

Brotherhood of Mutants
Special Class
powers= supposed Superhuman strength|

Ernst is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe. Her first appearance was in "New X-Men vol. 1 #135".

Fictional character biography

The curiously-named Ernst, whose physical appearance suggests that she may be a teenage girl suffering from progeria, became a student at the Xavier Institute not long after the psionic entity called Cassandra Nova had disappeared there. While Nova's disappearance and Ernst's subsequent appearance may or may not be connected, no information on Ernst's life before becoming a student in Charles Xavier's so-called Special Class could be obtained, nor could the nature of her genetic mutation be identified. Ernst, who appears to have befriended her disembodied fellow student Martha Johansson, briefly joined the so-called Brotherhood assembled by the mutant Xorn when he went on a drug-induced, destructive rampage as Magneto in New York. Ernst did not show any signs of aggression herself. Ernst is considered one of the few mutants who have retained their powers after the events of "M-Day". She continues living at the Xavier Institute.

Quest for Magik

During the "Quest for Magik" arc, she was transported to Limbo alongside the other students and was captured by Belasco, she returned to the school with the rest of her classmates when Magik/Darkchilde sent them all back to the human world.

=Ernst = Cassandra Nova?=

A main aspect on the character of Ernst is that she is alluded to be in fact Cassandra Nova. This is still debated by many fans to this date, as many felt that Grant Morrison had given enough hints and clues that Ernst was "supposed" to be Cassandra Nova who, after combining with the Shi'ar Superguardian Stuff, created a new, altered physical form. Joss Whedon's run of Astonishing X-Men has revealed Cassandra Nova was trapped in a protoplasmic blob deep below the Xavier Institute.

Powers and abilities

Diminutive body supposedly houses superhuman strength, though this has not yet been seen on-panel in the canon comics.

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