Earth Sentry

Earth Sentry


character_name=Earth Sentry
real_name=John Foster
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="A-Next" #2 (1999)
creators=Tom DeFalco
Ron Frenz
powers=Superhuman strength. Costume enables flight and energy blasts.|

Earth Sentry (John Foster) is a fictional character who appeared in the Marvel Comics' MC2 series A-Next.

Fictional character biography

John and his father Bill were investigating a UFO crash site, and discovered a Kree space probe. Upon nearing the ship, the automated defenses activated, and a robotic sentry was released. Bill activated a distress signal which was picked up by Mainframe and the rest of A-Next. Upon arrival, the sentry robot attacked the heroes. Thunderstrike's sonic blasts and J2's superstrength were not slowing the attacker down. Stinger was able to blind the robot's optic sensors with sting darts, providing an opening for John to enter the ship and try to turn the sentry off. When he made contact with the ship's console, a strange energy surge ripped through the ship's computers and struck John. The energy wave reconfigured John's DNA, making him genetically similar to a Kree warrior. Finding himself clad in a green-and-white costume, similar to the original costume of Mar-Vell, John discovered that he had great powers. John confronted and defeated the sentry robot, and stated that he would become an "Earth Sentry" to protect his planet from invaders, and politely declined membership with A-Next.

But when the team was later captured by The Revengers, Earth Sentry returned and used his alien powers to help A-Next defeat the invaders. He then accepted membership with A-Next.

Powers and abilities

Earth Sentry possesses superhuman strength and durability, due to his altered human/Kree DNA. His costume has wrist-mounted blasters that can fire photonic energy blasts. Rocket boosters on his belt allow him to fly.

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