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birthname = Peter Lawrence Boyle
birthdate = birth date|1935|10|18|mf=y
birthplace = city-state|Norristown|Pennsylvania, U.S.
deathdate = death date and age|2006|12|12|1935|10|18|df=y
deathplace = city-state|New York City|New York, U.S.
yearsactive = 1966–2006
spouse = Loraine Alterman (1977-2006)
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emmyawards = Outstanding Guest Actor - Drama Series 1996 "The X-Files"

Peter Lawrence "Pete" Boyle (October 18, 1935 – December 12, 2006)Dates per [ Social Security death file 163-28-7187] . Note: Prior to this, his birth year had appeared two ways in different sources, as either 1935 or, incorrectly, 1933. See examples at [] , [] , and [] ] cite news
url =
title = Raymond' star Peter Boyle dies at 71
publisher = MSNBC
author = The Associated Press
date = 17 Dec 2006
accessdate = 2007-02-01
] was an American actor. He is best known for his role as Frank Barone on the 1996-2005 CBS sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond" and as a singing and dancing Frankenstein's Monster in the writer-director Mel Brooks' film spoof "Young Frankenstein" (1974). Boyle, who won an Emmy Award in 1996 for a guest-starring role on the science-fiction drama "The X-Files", won praise in both comedic and dramatic parts following his breakthrough performance in the 1970 film "Joe".


Early life and career

Boyle was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania of Irish descent, the son of Alice and Peter Boyle, Sr. He moved with his family to nearby Philadelphia.cite web
url =,1,7518539.story?coll=la-headlines-entnews
title = Peter Boyle, 71; father on 'Raymond'
publisher = Los Angeles Times
author = Dennis McLellan
date = 14 Dec 2006
accessdate = 2007-02-01
] His father was a Philadelphia TV personality from 1951-1963 who, among many other things, played the Western-show host "Chuck Wagon Pete", and hosted the afterschool children's program "Uncle Pete Presents the Little Rascals", which showed vintage Little Rascals and Three Stooges comedy shorts and Popeye cartoons. [cite web
url =
title = Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia: Pete Boyle
publisher = Broadcast Pioneers
author =
date =
accessdate = 2007-02-01
(includes 1953 photo)

Boyle attended St. Francis de Sales school and West Philadelphia Catholic High School For Boys. After high school Boyle spent three years as a novice of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, or De La Salle Brothers, a Catholic teaching order. He lived in a house of studies with other novices and earned a BA from La Salle University in Philadelphia in 1957, but left the order because he did not feel called to religious life. [cite news
url =
title = Peter Boyle: From monk to Frank, he led fascinating life
publisher = Philadelphia Daly News
author = Ellen Grey
date = 14 December 2006
accessdate = 2007-02-01
] [cite news
url =
title = Peter Boyle, 71, Character Actor Played Psychotics and Monsters
publisher = The New York Sun
author = Stephen Miller
date = 14 December 2006
accessdate = 2007-02-01
] While in Philadelphia, he worked as a cameraman on the cooking show "Television Kitchen", hosted by Florence Hanford. [cite web
url =
title = Florence Hanford, a Broadcast Pioneer
publisher = Broadcast Pioneers
author = Gerry Wilkinson
date =
accessdate = 2007-11-12

After graduating from Officer Candidate School in 1959, he was commissioned as an ensign in the United States Navy, but his military career was shortened by a nervous breakdown. [cite web
url =
title = Peter Boyle, 71, Is Dead; Roles Evoked Laughter and Anger
publisher = The New York Times
author = Robert Berkvist
date = 14 December 2006
accessdate = 2007-02-01

In New York City, Boyle studied with acting coach Uta Hagen while working as a postal clerk and a maitre d'.cite web
url =
title = BAD LINK
publisher = The Washington Post
author = Adam Bernstein
date = 14 Dec 2006
accessdate = 2007-02-01
] He went on to play Murray the cop in a touring company of Neil Simon's "The Odd Couple", leaving the tour in Chicago, Illinois and joining The Second City improv comedy ensemble there. He had a brief scene as the manager of an indoor shooting range in the critically acclaimed 1969 film "Medium Cool", filmed in Chicago.

creen and theater

Boyle gained acclaim for his first starring role, playing the title character, a bigoted New York City factory worker, in the 1970 movie "Joe". The film's release was surrounded by controversy over its violence and language. It was during this time that Boyle became close friends with actress Jane Fonda, and with her he participated in many protests against the Vietnam War. After seeing people cheer at his role in "Joe", Boyle refused the lead role in "The French Connection" (1971), [ [ Peter Boyle Biography] at the Internet Movie Database] as well as other movie and TV roles that he believed glamorized violence. His next major role was as the campaign manager for a U.S. Senate candidate (Robert Redford) in "The Candidate" (1972). He also played an Irish mobster opposite Robert Mitchum in "The Friends of Eddie Coyle" (1973).

Boyle had another hit role as Frankenstein's monster in the 1974 Mel Brooks comedy "Young Frankenstein", in which, in an homage to "King Kong", the monster is placed onstage in top hat and tails, grunt-singing and dancing to the song "Puttin' on the Ritz". Boyle said at the time, "The Frankenstein monster I play is a baby. He's big and ugly and scary, but he's just been born, remember, and it's been traumatic, and to him the whole world is a brand new alien environment. That's how I'm playing it". Boyle met his wife, Loraien Alterman, on the set of "Young Frankenstein" while she was there as a reporter for "Rolling Stone". He was still in his Frankenstein makeup when he asked her for a date.cite news
url =
title = BAD LINK
publisher = Yahoo! News
author = Deepti Hajela
date = 13 Dec 2006
accessdate = 2007-02-01
] Through Alterman and her friend Yoko Ono, Boyle became friends with John Lennon, who was the best man at Boyle and Alterman's 1977 wedding. [cite web
url =
title = You may love Raymond, but you don't know Peter
work = The Boston Globe
author = David Hiltbrand
date = 21 March 2004
accessdate = 2007-02-01
] Boyle and his wife have two daughters, Lucy and Amy.

Boyle received his first Emmy nomination for his acclaimed dramatic performance in the 1977 television film "Tail Gunner Joe", in which he played Senator Joseph McCarthy. Yet he was more often cast as a character actor than as a leading man. ". However, the film was not released until 1996.

His New York theater work included playing a comedian who is the object of "The Roast", a 1980 Broadway play directed by Carl Reiner. Also in 1980 he co-starred with Tommy Lee Jones in an Off-Broadway production of playwright Sam Shepard's acclaimed "True West". Two years later, Boyle played the head of a dysfunctional family in Joe Pintauro's less well-received "Snow Orchid", at the Circle Repertory.

In 1986, Boyle played the title role of the acclaimed but short-lived TV series "Joe Bash", created by Danny Arnold. The comedy-drama followed the life of a lonely, world-weary, and sometimes compromised New York City beat cop whose closest friend was a prostitute, played by actress DeLane Matthews. [cite web
url =
title = Joe Bash
publisher =
author =
date =
accessdate = 2007-02-01

Later life and career

In 1990, Boyle suffered a near-fatal stroke that rendered him completely speechless and immobile for six months. After recovering, he went on to win an Emmy Award in 1996 as Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for his appearance on "The X-Files". In the episode, "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose", he played an insurance salesman who can see selected things in the near future, particularly others' deaths. Boyle also guest starred in two episodes as Bill Church in "". He appears in Sony Music's unaired Roger Waters' music video "Three Wishes" (1992) as a scruffy genie in a dirty coat and red scarf, who tries to tempt Waters at a desert diner. [Videos, both aired and unaired, are routinely distributed to the music press; this clip appears on fan-made bootleg video compilations: cite news
url =
title = Roger Waters on Video
publisher = Going Underground Magazine
author =
date =
accessdate = 2007-02-01
Reprinted at [ Pink Floyd RoIO Database: "Roger Waters Video Anthology"]
] [cite web
url =
title = Three Wishes
publisher = youtube
author =
date = 27 Nov 2005
accessdate = 2007-02-01

Boyle was perhaps most widely known for his role as the deadpan, cranky Frank Barone in the CBS television sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond", which aired from 1996 to 2005. The show was shot in Los Angeles, to which Boyle commuted from his New York City home. He was nominated for an Emmy seven times for this role, but never won (beaten out multiple times in the Supporting Actor category by his co-star Brad Garrett), though fellow co-stars Garrett, Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton, and Boyle's TV wife Doris Roberts won at least one Emmy each for their performances.

In 1999, he had a heart attack on the set of "Everybody Loves Raymond." He soon regained his health and returned to the series. In 2001, he appeared in the film "Monster's Ball" as the bigoted father of Billy Bob Thornton's character.

Introduced by comedian Carlos Mencia as "the most honest man in show business", Boyle made guest appearances on three episodes of the Comedy Central program "Mind of Mencia" — one of which was shown as a tribute in a segment made before Boyle's death — in which he read hate mail, explained the "hidden meanings" behind bumper stickers, and occasionally told Mencia how he felt about him.

Starting in late 2005, Boyle and former TV wife Roberts appeared in TV commercials for the 75th anniversary of Alka-Seltzer, reprising the famous line, "I can't believe I ate that whole thing!" Although this quote has entered into popular culture, it is often misquoted as, "...the" whole thing." [cite web
url =
title = TV Land's The 100 Greatest TV Quotes...
publisher = Yahoo! Finance
author =
date = 22 Nov 2006
accessdate = 2007-02-01
] Boyle had a role in all three of "The Santa Clause" films. In the original, he plays Scott Calvin's boss. In the sequels, he plays Father Time.

Death and legacy

On December 12, 2006, Boyle died in New York City at New York Presbyterian Hospital after suffering from multiple myeloma and heart disease. At the time of his death, Boyle had completed the film "All Roads Lead Home"Fact|date=February 2008 and was scheduled to appear in "Chatham".Fact|date=February 2008 The end credits of "The Santa Clause 3" include a dedication to his memory.

On October 18, 2007, which would have been Boyle's 72nd birthday, his friend Bruce Springsteen, during a Madison Square Garden concert with the E Street Band in New York, dedicated "Meeting Across the River", segueing into "Jungleland", in memory of Boyle, stating: "An old friend passed away a while back — we met him when we first came to New York City... Today would have been his birthday."

Awards and nominations

*Emmy Award::Nomination (1977) — Lead Actor in a Drama or Comedy Special: "Tail Gunner Joe":: Nomination (1989) — Guest Actor in a Drama Series: J.J. Killian in "Midnight Caller" episode "Fathers and Sins"::Win (1996) — Guest Actor in a Drama Series: Clyde Bruckman in "The X-Files" episode "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose"::(7) Nominations (1999-2005) — Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: "Everybody Loves Raymond"

*Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award::The cast of "Everybody Loves Raymond" was nominated for Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series each year from 1999-2000 and 2002-2006. Boyle was additionally nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series in 2002. [cite web
url =
title = Screen Actors Guild Awards Past Nominees & Recipients
publisher = SAG Awards
author =
date =
accessdate = 2007-02-01


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* [ (Dec. 13, 2006): The Daily Nightly: "Remembering Uncle Pete", by Clare Duffy, NBC Nightly News Producer]

NAME = Boyle, Peter
DATE OF BIRTH = October 18 1935
PLACE OF BIRTH = Norristown, Pennsylvania
DATE OF DEATH = December 12 2006
PLACE OF DEATH = New York City

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