DJ Rectangle

DJ Rectangle
DJ Rectangle
Background information
Genres Hip hop, R&B, House, Latin
Occupations DJ, Producer, Recording artist
Years active 1991-present
Associated acts Warren G, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Nate Dogg, DJ Premier, Funkdoobiest, Wu-Tang Clan, Naughty by Nature, Salt-n-Pepa, Bad Boy Bill, Lady of Rage, Dirt Nasty, R Kelly, Jermaine Dupri, Dr Dre, 50 Cent

DJ Rectangle is an American DJ/Turntablist and Hip hop/R&B record producer.

DJ Rectangle first won the U.S DMC championship in 1993 and in the same year became the official DJ for West Coast rapper Warren G.

Commencing his world tour with platinum recording artist Warren G, DJ Rectangle demonstrated his skills to the international audience through extensive concert dates as well as television appearances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Jon Stewart Show, Late Night with David Letterman, MTV Spring Break, and London’s Top of the Pops. Rectangle has also toured with the likes of R Kelly and Jermaine Dupri.

To further establish his place in history, he began releasing his legendary mixtapes. Rectangle was the first DJ to integrate freestyles from major recording artists into his mixes. Beyond that, he released battle records to contribute back to the DJ culture for those who wanted to follow in his footsteps. These battle records have been used by many successive DJs to win multiple World Championships.

DJ Rectangle then went on to become a Grammy Award nominated producer working with the likes of Eminem, Dirt Nasty, Funkdoobiest, The Luniz, The Whoridas, and Xzibit. He has produced tracks used on Television shows such as E! True Hollywood Story, Saturday Night Live and the Super Bowl XLIII as well as Major Motion Picture soundtracks such as Set It Off, Fakin' da Funk and 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin'.

In 2008 DJ Rectangle received a Grammy Award nomination for his extensive production work on Latin sensation La Mala Rodríguez's Malamarismo album.




Motion Picture


  • 2011 TBA
  • 2008 Wax Assassin 2: Training Day, Bad Table Manners
  • 2006 Casino Royale Vol. 2: For The Gangsters, Casino Royale Vol. 1 : For The Hustlers, Kill Steelz Vol. 2, Kill Steelz Vol. 1
  • 2005 Fear And Loathing, Rectangle's Big Adventure, 2005 Pyro Technics
  • 2004 Who Framed DJ Rectangle?, "Resident Evil" Turn Table Apocalypse, Six Million Dollar Hand, Wax On Wax Off
  • 2003 1200's Never Die
  • 2002 Faders Of Fury, Vinyl Combat 2: Attack Of The Clones, Turntable Torture, Deadly Needles
  • 2000 Enter The Diamond Needle Dynasty
  • 1999 The Tone Arm Terrorist, Behind Bars, Wax Assassin
  • 1998 The Lightning Fist (Millennium Collection Vol. 7)
  • 1997 The Tables Have Turned
  • 1995 Vinyl Combat, Ill Rated
  • 1994 Rollin' Deep, O.G Style, Talkin Shit, Let The Bass Kick, Funky Demolition
  • 1992 DJ Rectangle EP / Z-Rock Records

Battle Records

  • 2009 Scratch Masters Revenge Volume 2
  • 2007 Ultimate, Ultimate Battle weapon Vol. 8, Ultimate, Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 7
  • 2006 Ultimate, Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 6
  • 2005 Dope Trax Vol. 2
  • 2003 Battle Wax Vol. 2
  • 2002 The Vinyl Avengers Vol. 2
  • 2001 The Best of DJ Rectangle, Ultimate, Ultimate Battle Weapon, Vol. 5, Ultimate, Ultimate Battle Weapon, Vol. 4 (Battle record)
  • 2000 Scratch Masters Revenge, Vol. 1, Mixes Beats & More, Vol. 2, Mixes Beats & More, Vol. 1
  • 1999 Ultimate, Ultimate Battle Weapon, Vol. 3, The Vinyl Avengers, Vol. 1, Ultimate, Ultimate Battle Weapon, Vol. 2
  • 1998 Ultimate, Ultimate Battle Weapon, Vol. 1, Frosted Breaks Vol. 2
  • 1997 Deadly Needles, Gorilla Breaks, Frosted Breaks, Battle Wax Vol. 1
  • 1996 Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 5, Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 4, Original Battle Weapon
  • 1995 Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 3, Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 2, Ultimate, Battle Weapon Vol. 1
  • 1994 Let the Bass Kick, Funky Demolition
  • 1991 Dope Trax Vol. 1



Dirt Nasty - Dirt Nasty
  • "Animal Lover" (Label: Shoot To Kill)


DJ Rectangle - Get Rich or Die Tryin'


DJ Rectangle Feat. Eminem and Dree - 1200's Never Die
  • "You Must Be Crazy" (Label: Music 4 Da People)


Funkdoobiest - Real Urban Latin 1
  • "4-1 Nite" (Label: RCA)
DJ Rectangle - Hip Hop + Rap
  • "Ya Ya Door" (Label: De Wolfe)
  • "What What" (Label: De Wolfe)
  • "First Love" (Label: De Wolfe)
  • "How Many Times" (Label: De Wolfe)
  • "Best Watch Out" (Label: De Wolfe)
  • "Rock The Spot" (Label: De Wolfe)
  • "Fake a Smile" (Label: De Wolfe)
DJ Rectangle Feat. The Whoridas - The Ultimate
  • "The Way We Do" (Label: South Paw)
DJ Rectangle Feat. Funkdoobiest - The Ultimate
  • "Wild Out" (Label: South Paw)


A Lighter Shade of Brown - Greatest Hits
Xzibit Feat. Montage - Larger Than Life
  • "Larger Than Life" (Label: TVT)


DJ Rectangle - Pumping Energy 3
  • Various (Label: De Wolfe)
DJ Rectangle - Hard Beats
  • Various (Label: De Wolfe)


Funkdoobiest - The Big Hit (soundtrack)
The Whoridas - Cheap Shots, Low Blows and Sucker Punches
  • "Get Lifted" (Label: South Paw)
Son Doobie - Cheap Shots, Low Blows and Sucker Punches
  • "Cali Life" (Label: South Paw)


DJ Rectangle - Ghetto Politix
Funkdoobiest Feat. Daz Dillinger - Troubleshooters
  • "Papi Chulo" (Label: RCA)


Da 5 Footaz - Set It Off (soundtrack)
The Dove Shack - Fakin' da Funk (soundtrack)
  • "Low Low" (Label: Street Solid)

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