Grange Calveley

Grange Calveley

Grange Calveley is a British cartoonist and writer, best known mainly for creating the famous cartoon series "Roobarb" (1974) and its 2005 revival series "Roobarb and Custard Too", as well the lesser-known "Noah and Nelly in the SkylArk" (1977).

The canine character "Roobarb" was very loosely based on a Welsh Border Collie rescued by Calveley a few years before he penned the first series. (The dog got his strange name because the first thing he did on arriving at his new home was to mark his territory on a patch of rhubarb in the garden.) A number of elements from the series developed from events or characters in Calveley's life. The title sequence, for example, shows Roobarb jumping up and lying between the forked branches of a tree, a trick often performed by the real life Roobarb.

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