Yonkers Public Schools

Yonkers Public Schools
Yonkers Public Schools
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Type and location
Type Public
Grades PK12
Region Yonkers, New York
District Info
Superintendent Bernard P. Pierorazio
Students and staff
Students 24,459 [1]
Other information
Website http://yonkerspublicschools.org/

Yonkers Public Schools is a school district that serves all of Yonkers, New York, USA. It is governed by a mayorally appointed Board of Trustees.



The school district is organized and governed according to New York State Education Law. The Board of Education is the governing body of the school district. It consists of nine unpaid trustees, appointed by the mayor for five year terms. The trustees submit a budget to the city government, but have no taxing authority of their own. The Superintendent of Schools serves "subject to the pleasure of the Board of Education" for up to five years. As the chief executive of the school district, he supervises and directs all other employees, makes decisions regarding curriculum and examination, and has a non-voting seat on the Board.Yonkers Public Schools have the worst education.

The current superintendent is Bernard P. Pierorazio.

Current Board Members include:

Paresh Patel, President

Rev. Gerald Sudick, Vice President

Andrew A. Api

Christine A. Balko

Trevor H. Bennett

Michael E. Carey

Edward Fergus

William T. Iannuccilli

Nydia D. Perez

Budget Cuts

The school district has been plagued with budget cuts since 2004.

  • In 2010-2011, a $43 million gap forced the elimination of 439 District positions, including 185 Civil Service employees and 254 teachers and administrators. Reductions across grade levels included school pupil support teams of social workers, psychologists and guidance counselors; school clericals and aides; safety officers; parent coordinators; career and technical education courses; and art and music offerings. Elementary and middle school instrumental music was eliminated.
  • On March 2011, the superintendent announced an anticipated $87.8 Million Budget Gap for 2011-2012. The gap reflects a proposed $25.4 million cut in federal aid, $21.9 million cut in state support, and $40.5 million increase in expenses. The elimination of transportation, the dismantling of the prekindergarten program, and the reduction of kindergarten to a half-day of instruction is what Bernard Pierorazio recommended should be done to balance the budget. Lay-offs would total 732 employees, including 404 teachers and administrators and 328 Civil Service employees.
  • As of July 2011, budget cuts included:


Radius increase, several schools changing day schedules, yellow bus service eliminated to high schoolers

Early Childhood & Elementary Instruction

Pre-Kindergarten reduced to half-day; Limited to 1,581 students, grades 1-3 classes expand to 30 students per class, reduction of reading teachers

Middle Years & High School Education

Class sizes increased to capacity, Elective (art, music, magnet, vocational) and enrichment courses significantly reduced

Pupil Support Services

Only 10 psychologists remain to service 26,000 students - 2,500 to 1 ratio, High schools reduced to 2 guidance counselors per building -a 650 to 1 ratio, Elementary schools limited to once-a-week visits

Library services

Elimination of librarians in the elementary schools, Reduction of library in PK-8 schools to 1 day a week, Reduction of library in High Schools to 2.5 days a week

Special Education

Classes combined to service similar classifications

Interscholastic sports

All interscholastic athletics eliminated, besides varsity football, elementary physical education classes further reduced, the Yonkers Montessori Academy pool turned over to the City of Yonkers


All schools are located in the city of Yonkers.

Every school also has its own special magnet.

Middle & High schools (7-12)

  • Gorton High School (9-12)
  • Lincoln High School (9-12)
  • Palisade Preparatory School (7-12)
  • Riverside High School (9-12)
  • Roosevelt High School (11-12 in September 2011, 12th only in September 2012)
  • Early College High School (9-10) (Will gradually replace Roosevelt High School)
  • Saunders Trades and Technical High School (9-12)
  • Yonkers Middle High School (7-12)


  • Yonkers Montessori Academy (PK-10 in September 2011, full PK-12 in September 2013)


  • Casimir Pulaski School
  • Cross Hill Academy (PK-3, 7-8 in September 2010, full PK-8 school by 2016)
  • Enrico Fermi School for the Performing Arts
  • Family School 32
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. High Tech & Computer Magnet School
  • Thomas Cornell Academy (PK-3, full PK-8 school by September 2016)
  • Paideia School 15
  • PEARLS Hawthorne School
  • Robert C. Dodson School
  • Scholastic Academy for Academic Excellence
  • School 5
  • School 23
  • Westchester Hills School 29


  • Foxfire School (scheduled to become PK-7 in September 2011, and PK-8 by September 2012)
  • Kahlil Gibran School (scheduled to become PK-7 in September 2011, and PK-8 by September 2012)
  • Patricia A. DiChiaro School (scheduled to become PK-7 in September 2011, and PK-8 by September 2012)
  • School 30 (scheduled to become PK-7 in September 2011, and PK-8 by September 2012)


  • Cedar Place School
  • Eugenio Maria de Hostos MicroSociety School
  • Montessori School 27
  • Montessori School 31
  • Museum School 25
  • Paideia School 24
  • Rosemarie Ann Siragusa School
  • School 9
  • School 13
  • School 16
  • School 17
  • School 21
  • School 22


  • VIVE School

Former schools

  • Benjamin Franklin Jr. High School on 27 Poplar St which became Yonkers High School (Now Enrico Fermi Middle School which became the Enrico Fermi School for the Performing Arts)
  • Walt Whitman Jr. High School on Shore View Drive/105 Avondale Rd is now Robert C. Dodson School.
  • Elizabeth Seton College on 1061 N. Broadway (Campus is now used by the Foxfire School)
  • Saunders Trades School on South Broadway (Now Yonkers Police Headquarters)
  • School 4 on Trenchard Street (Now affordable housing)
  • School 3 on Hamilton Avenue
  • School 26 on 150 Kings Cross (Now Casimir Pulaski School)
  • School 33 on 135 Locust Hill Ave (Now Martin Luther King, Jr. High Tech & Computer Magnet School)
  • School 19 on 75 Morris St (Now Eugenio Maria de Hostos MicroSociety School)
  • School 19 on 70 Jackson St/Groshon Ave
  • School 12 on 164 Ashburton Avenue (Now Yonkers Community Action Program)
  • Emerson Jr. High School on 160 Bolmer Ave which became Emerson Middle School (Now Cross Hill Academy)
  • Roosevelt High School on 631 Tuckahoe Rd became Early College High School and Roosevelt High School in September 2010. Final "RHS" Graduating Class is 2013.
  • School 28 on 18 Rosedale Rd (Campus is now used by the Kahlil Gibran School)
  • School 18 on 77 Park Hill Ave (Campus is now used by the Scholastic Academy for Academic Excellence)
  • Hawthorne High School became Hawthorne Jr. High School on 350 Hawthorne Ave (Campus is now used by the PEARLS Hawthorne School)
  • Early Childhood Center- School 10 on 75 Riverdale Avenue became Hudson River Academy. (Now Campus is now used by the VIVE School and Yonkers Pathway to Success)
  • School 7 on 380 Walnut Street (Campus is now used by the Andulusia School (A private Muslim school))
  • School 8 on 373 Bronxville Road (Campus is now used by the Patricia A. Dichiaro School)
  • John Burroughs Jr. High School on 150 Rockland Ave (Campus is now used by Yonkers Middle High School)
  • Museum Jr. High School on 565 Warburton Ave became Museum Middle School which became (Campus is now used by Riverside High School for Engineering and Design)
  • Yonkers High School of Commerce on 190 N Broadway/201 Palisade Ave which became Commerce Middle School (Campus is now used by Palisade Preparatory School)
  • Mark Twain Middle School and Montessori School 11 and 99 Wakefield Ave/160 Woodlawn Ave (Campuses are now used by Yonkers Montessori Academy)
  • School 6 on 33 Ashburton Avenue (Due to be part of municipal housing complex next to it, Cottage Gardens)
  • Longfellow Jr. High School on 23 Mulberry Street (will become a 40-unit apartment building)
  • School 13; added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2007.[2] on 160 Mclean Avenue (New building is now located on 195 Mclean Avenue)

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