Hyman is the surname of:
* Alan Hyman author and screenwriter
* Alan Hyman, property lawyer
* Albert Hyman (1893 - 1972), co-inventor of the artificial pacemaker
* Dick Hyman (born 1927), American jazz pianist/keyboardist and composer
* Flora ("Flo") Jean Hyman (1954 – 1986), American volleyball player and Olympic silver medalist
* James Hyman (born 1970), British DJ and music supervisor
* Jeffry Hyman (1951 – 2001), birth name of punk rock singer/songwriter Joey Ramone
* John Adams Hyman (1840 - 1891), born a slave, later became Congressman for North Carolina
* Libbie Hyman (1888 – 1969), American zoologist
* Marc Hyman, Hollywood film writer
* Mark Hyman (link to disambiguation page)
* Misty Hyman (born 1979), American swimmer and Olympic gold medalist
* Phyllis Hyman (1949 - 1995), American soul singer, model and actress
* Ray Hyman (born 1928), Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Oregon
* Rob Hyman (born 1950), American singer, songwriter, and producer
* Trina Schart Hyman (1939 - 2004), American illustrator of children's books
* Robin Hyman, chief executive of publishing company Unwin Hyman; see Allen & Unwin
* Ben Zion Hyman (1891 - 1984), a Canadian-Jewish bookseller

Hyman is the given name of:
* Hyman Minsky (1919-1996), US economist who studied financial crises
* Hyman George Rickover (1900 – 1986), US Navy Admiral
* Hyman Roth, a fictional character in "The Godfather" series of books and films

ee also

* Chayyim, the basis for this name
* Heyman
* Hymen
* USS "Hyman G. Rickover" (SSN-709), a Los Angeles-class submarine of the US Navy

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