Pindus (city)

Pindus (city)

Pindos or Pindus (Greek: polytonic|Πίνδος), also called Acyphas or Akyphas (polytonic|Ἀκύφας), was an ancient city of Greece, one of the towns of the tetrapolis of Doris, situated upon a river of the same name, which flows into the Cephissus near Lilaea. Strabo, Theopompus, and Stephanus of Byzantium call the city Akyphas. (Steph. B. "s. v." polytonic|Ἀκύφας). In one passage Strabo says that Pindus lay above Erineus, and in another he places it in the district of Oetaea; it is, therefore, probable that the town stood in the upper part of the valley, near the sources of the river in the mountain. (Strab. ix. pp. 427, 434; Scymn. Ch. 591; Schol, "ad Pind. Pyth." i. 121; Mel. ii. 3 ; Plin. iv. 7. s. 13; Leake, "Northern Greece", vol. ii. p. 92.)



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