Crate (disambiguation)

Crate (disambiguation)

Crate may refer to:

  • Crate, a large strong container, often made of wood
    • Also used incorrectly to refer to ordinary wooden boxes
    • Bottle crate or beverage crate, a container used for transport of beverage containers to stores
    • Milk crate, a container used to transport dairy products to stores
  • Dog crate, a metal, wire, plastic, or fabric enclosure with a door in which dogs are kept for security or transportation
    • Crate training, the process of teaching a dog to accept the crate as a familiar and safe location
  • Gestation crate or sow stall, a metal enclosure used in intensive pig farming



  • Crate Amplifiers, a guitar amplifier company
  • Crate & Barrel, a chain of American retail stores specializing in housewares, furniture (indoor and out), and home accessories


  • "The Crate", a short story by Stephen King
  • "Crate 'n Burial", a 2000 episode of the American TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


  • Chuck Crate (1916–1992), Canadian fascist and leader of the Canadian Union of Fascists
  • Gabe Crate (born 1977), American cartoonist, writer, and storyboard artist


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  • Krait, a venomous snake

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