V (disambiguation)

V (disambiguation)

V is the twenty second letter of the Latin alphabet. It may also refer to:


* V band of radio, in ranges from 50 to 75 GHz.
* V (operating system)
* V (programming language)
* Haplogroup V (mtDNA), a human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroup.
* V, stands for Von Neumann universe in set-theory.
* V, the chemical symbol for the element Vanadium
* V, a symbol for voltage, an electric potential difference in a circuit.
* V, the symbol for volt, the SI unit used to quantify any electric potential difference.
* V, a color-difference channel in television engineering, in the YUV colorspace
* V.92 in data communications, as a 56k modem
* Trigeminal nerve


* V (band), an American Chicago based solo artist.
* "V" (album) for various albums named "V"
* "Room V", 2005 Shadow Gallery album
* V (band), a musical group in the United Kingdom
* V Recordings, a drum and bass record label
* V Festival, an annual music festival in the UK
* V Festival (Australia), the Australian version of the British music festival
* V, an American RnB and Soul singer

Film and television

* Channel V is a music-centric television station operated by STAR TV
* The film adaptation of V For Vendetta
* Saw V
* "V" (science fiction), a science fiction franchise including
** "V", the original 1983 two-part television miniseries
** , a 1984 three-part miniseries
** , a 1984-1985 TV series
** , a 2008 novel and film adaptation
* V, also abbreviated VG, is a commonly used abbreviation in reference to the 1993 anime series, by Yoshiyuki Tomino, "Kidou Senshi Mobile Suit Victory Gundam"

Literature and publications

*V is a 1985 poem by Tony Harrison that was also controversially broadcast that year by Channel 4
* V is the name given by the mysterious protagonist of the 1980s comic book "V for Vendetta" and the 2006 film of the same name
* "V" (magazine), various magazines named "V"
* "V.", Thomas Pynchon's first novel
* "V", the tabloid publication of National Vanguard (American organization)
* The nickname of Vaarsuvius, elven wizard from the Order of the Stick webcomic.

Other uses

* The V Sixth Avenue Local, a rapid transit service of the New York City Subway
* V sign, a hand gesture
* V (drink), an energy drink.
* V engine, an internal combustion engine configuration.
* Cadillac V-Series, Cadillac's series of high-performance vehicles
* V, the abbreviation for the orchid genus "Vanda"
* The roman numeral for 5 (number)
* V, the U.S. ticker symbol for Visa (company)
* v, an abbreviation for versus, also see vs

ee also

*VEE (disambiguation)


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