Sohag Governorate

Sohag Governorate

country = Egypt

name = Sohag
native_name = محافظة سوهاج

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capital = Sohag
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Sohag Governorate (Arabic: محافظة سوهاج) is one of the governorates of Egypt. It is in the south of the country (Upper Egypt), and covers a stretch of the Nile Valley. Its capital is the city of Sohag. It is subdivided in 11 markazes (districts); they are, from north to south: Tima, Tahta, Gehina, el-Maragha, Sakulta, Sohag, Akhmim, el-Mansha, Girga, el-Balyana, and Dar el-Salam.population below poverty line is 45%

Location and Setting

The governorate of Sohag comprises 12 cities:
* Akhmim (Ipu or Khent-Min or Khemmis or Panopolis), across the river from Sohag
* el-Balyana
* Dar el-Salam
* Girga (Tjeny or Thinis)
* Juhayna
* el-Mansha (Ptolemais Hermiou)
* el-Maragha
* Sakulta
* Sohag
* Tahta
* Tima
* el-Usayrat
* el-DiabatOther important sites in the Sohag governorate include:
* Abydos (Abedju)
* Apollonos Polis (Kom Isfaht)
* el-Hawawish
* Hut-Repyt (Athribis or Wannina)
* Kom Ishqaw (Aphrodito)
* el-Salamuni

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