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Cat Grant


caption=Cat Grant from "Action Comics Annual #11 (May 2008)"
character_name=Cat Grant
publisher=DC Comics
debut="Adventures of Superman" #424 (January 1987)
creators=Marv Wolfman
Jerry Ordway
full_name=Catherine "Cat" GrantCite comic | Writer = Byrne, John | Penciller = Byrne, John | Inker = Kesel, Karl | Story = The Mummy Strikes | Title = Superman | Volume = 2 | Issue = 5 | Date = May, 1987 | Publisher = DC Comics | Page = 6 | Panel = 3]
affiliations= Daily Planet
Galaxy Broadcasting

Catherine "Cat" Grant is a fictional DC Comics character appearing in "Superman" comics. She was introduced in "Adventures of Superman" #424 (January 1987) as a gossip columnist for the "Daily Planet". She was introduced as a potential love interest for Clark Kent, adding a new dimension to the Clark/Lois/Superman dynamic.

Fictional character biography

Cat Grant arrives in Metropolis taking a position at "The Daily Planet". She is well known for her syndicated gossip column, which until this point was written in her native Los Angeles. Recently divorced from Joe Morgan, a husband who had driven her to drink, Cat was now a single mother with a young son named Adam Morgan, trying to get a fresh start and stay sober.

Cat is instantly attracted to Clark Kent. They become fast friends, and even become romantically involved for a time, but eventually this ends, as Clark really loves Lois Lane, and seems more interested in helping Cat fix up her life than dating her. Jimmy Olsen in turn is attracted to Cat, but she seems to either not notice or not care. Her behavior around the office upsets both Lois and Perry White at different times.

Feeling that she needs to prove to Perry, Clark, and Lois that she can be a "real reporter", Cat goes undercover at Galaxy Broadcasting to help Clark expose Morgan Edge's links to Intergang. Following this she needs a bodyguard and Jose Delgado (aka the costumed vigilante Gangbuster) takes the job. The two become romantically linked, but Jose is resented by Cat's son Adam, who still hero-worships her ex-husband, Joe Morgan.

Cat joins WGBS for real, and becomes an on-air reporter, who eventually gets her own talk show, "The Cat Grant Show". Superman gives Cat an interview on her show, which is cut short by the rampage of Doomsday. Later, Cat is on the scene covering the events of Superman's battle with Doomsday live on television.

Cat continues to contribute work to the Daily Planet while she works at WGBS. By this time, Cat has earned the respect and friendship of Lois Lane. Cat also gets Jimmy Olsen hired by WGBS and works closely with him there.

Cat later becomes WGBS station manager. There are rumours that she got the position thanks to a relationship with Morgan's father Vinnie Edge, her new boss who sexually harasses her constantly. Cat ends the rumours at WGBS when she has Edge charged with sexual harassment. Vinnie Edge is removed from the board of WGBS, and Cat is given his position.

As Cat's life finally seems to be coming together, tragedy strikes. Her son Adam is abducted by the Toyman, along with several other children. The children try to escape, but Toyman finds out and stabs Adam to death for leading the attempted escape. Cat later identifies the body of her son and breaks down. Superman eventually captures Toyman, and Cat decides to confront him in prison. At the time, Toyman shows no remorse for what he had done, cruelly telling her "You were a bad mommy. I'm glad I killed your son." The death of Adam almost drives Cat back into alcoholism, however she manages to pull through, thanks in part to support from Jimmy Olsen and Perry WhiteFact|date=August 2008. Cat's career becomes the major focus of her life, to help her avoid the pain.

When Lex Luthor becomes President of the United States of America, Cat is appointed Press Secretary. Following his impeachment she returns to her hometown of Los Angeles, where she works for a paper called the "Los Angeles Tattler."

Cat returns to Metropolis (as shown in "Action Comics Annual" #11) following new developments about Toyman's involvement in the death of her son. Toyman tells Jimmy Olsen (in "Action Comics" #865) that a robot he created to replace him in the event that he was ever incarcerated, killed Adam. Toyman claims he would never intentionally harm any child, that a glitch in the robot's programing gave it a personality. Jimmy's further research however, sheds doubt on the validity of all of Toyman's claims.

Cat returns to work at the "Daily Planet", as the editor of the Entertainment and Arts section of the paper ("Action Comics" #866). Her personality seems to have changed during her absence. Cat dresses more provocatively and acts more flirtatious than she ever has. During a conversation with Clark, she openly flirts with him and implies that she has had Cosmetic Surgery. Lois Lane says that she thinks "Cat's lost it" and jokingly refers to her as a Cougar. Clark tells Lois that he believes Cat is dressing and acting the way she is to cover up the painful memories of her son.

New Supergirl writer Sterling Gates tells Newsarama "We're integrating Supergirl's book more into the Superman universe, and that includes having a supporting cast that overlaps with that world. I'm very interested in tying her back in to Metropolis and making sure that her world is a part of the Superman universe. So in my first issue, in the first three pages, I set up a foil for her in Cat Grant. And Cat Grant will be a regular supporting cast member, as will Lana Lang." [cite web |url= |title=WWC: Gates and Igle Join DC's Supergirl |accessdate=2008-07-01 |author=Vaneta Rogers |date=2008-06-27 | |publisher=Imaginova]

Cat Grant holds a grudge against Supergirl because of her lack of respect and careless handling of a metahuman fight that left her slightly wounded. Cat starts a slandering campaign against the Girl of Steel in the pages of the Daily Planet, turning a large number of the Metropolis population against Supergirl. In retailation Kara, after sending her a self-made greeting card satirizing her enmity, comes to visit her at the Planet with her new secret identity of Linda Lang, teenaged niece of Lana Lang. [cite book |last= Igle|first= Jamal |authorlink= Jamal Igle |title= Supergirl #34 |year= 2008 |publisher= DC Comics]

Alternate versions

*Cat Grant has a counterpart in the antimatter universe, home of the Crime Syndicate. She is shown in Grant Morrison's graphic novel, . She is shown to work at the Daily Planet, and to be bitter and mean spirited.

*Cat Grant appears as a minor supporting character in Grant Morrison's limited series "All Star Superman." This incarnation works as a gossip columnist at the "Daily Planet."

Other media

*In "", Cat Grant was featured in her early role as the "Daily Planet" gossip columnist with an interest in Clark Kent. She was played by Tracy Scoggins. Cat was portrayed as a shameless man-chaser, who tried to seduce Clark Kent very often, and usually dressed in provocative attire. Scoggins was a regular cast member during season one, but the character was droppped for the remainder of the series.


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