Hanging judge

Hanging judge

"Hanging judge" is an unofficial term for a judge who has gained renown for handing out sentences of death by hanging or perhaps other harsh sentences. While the term is not necessarily negative, it is used to demonstrate a desire for quick, firm justice. A "hanging judge" may be legally mandated, or may not be, in which case he may be presiding over lynchings.

Reputed hanging judges

*Roy Bean, U.S. Justice of the Peace
*Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie
*George Jeffreys in England and Wales
*The Hanging Judges of Manila, known as the Guillotine Club
*Isaac Parker, who had jurisdiction over western Arkansas in the United States from 1875 to 1896. In his twenty-one years he hanged 79 men (during the same period, over 60 U.S. Marshals and Deputy U.S. Marshals were murdered serving in Parker's jurisdiction).
*Ayatollah Sadegh Khalkhali
*Henry Hawkins, 1st Baron Brampton
*Joseph Needham (judge)
*Albert F. Sabo, allegedly presided over more trials resulting in a death sentence than any other judge in the history of Pennsylvania.

Other uses

*A track on the Sodom album "'Til Death Do Us Unite"
*A character in the Bob Dylan song "Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts" (album: "Blood on the Tracks").

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