Striated Swallow

Striated Swallow

name = Striated Swallow
status = LC | status_system = IUCN3.1

image_width = 250px
image_caption =
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Aves
ordo = Passeriformes
familia = Hirundinidae
genus = "Hirundo"
species = "H. striolata"
binomial = "Hirundo striolata"
binomial_authority = Temminck & Schlegel, 1847

The Striated Swallow ("Hirundo striolata") is a species of swallow found in open, often hilly areas, clearings and cultivation in South and Southeast Asia from northeastern India and Taiwan south to Timor. It is sometimes placed in the genus "Cecropis" (sometimes inaccurately seen as "Cecropsis") as "Cecropis striolata".

Striated Swallow was formerly sometimes considered to a subspecies of Red-rumped Swallow.


Striated Swallow is 19 cm long with a deeply forked tail. It has blue upperparts other than a reddish collar (sometimes absent) and streaked chestnut rump. The face and underparts are white with heavy dark streaking. The wing are brown. The sexes are alike but juveniles are duller and browner, with a paler rump and shorter outer tail feathers.

There are five races

*"H. s. striolata" breeds in Taiwan, The Philippines and Indonesia.
*"H. s. mayri" breeds from northeastern India to northwestern Myanmar. It has broader streaks than nominate "striolata".
*"H. s. stanfordi" breeds from northeastern Myanmar to northern Thailand. It has broad streaks.
*"H. s. vernayi" breeds locally in western Thailand. It is more rufous below than the nominate race, and is only faintly streaked on the rump.
*"H. s. badia" breeds on the Malay Peninsula. It has faintly streaked deep rufous underparts, and an unstreaked rump. It is sometimes raised to species status as the Rufous-bellied Swallow, "Hirundo badia" or "Cecropis badia".

The contact call is "pin", the alarm is "chi-chi-chi", and the song is a soft twittering.

This species, particularly subspecies "mayri" is very similar to Red-rumped Swallow of the race "japonicus", but is larger, more heavily streaked, and has a less distinct neck collar.



The island subspecies and "badia" are essentially resident, but the continental races "mayri" and "stanfordi" are partial migrants which move south in the winter.


The Striated Swallow breeds from April to July alone or semi-colonially with scattered nests. The nest is a retort or bottle shaped structure, made from mud pellets and lined with dried grasses and feathers. The clutch is usually four, sometimes five, white eggs except for "badia", where two eggs is normal. Both sexes build the nest, and share incubation and the care of the young.

Nests are constructed in natural caves, but very often in artificial sites on bridges, in culverts and on buildings.


The Striated Swallow feeds low over the ground or at cliff faces on flying insects. It has a slow buoyant flight compared to Barn Swallow. It will feed with other swallow species.


* Database entry includes justification for why this species is of least concern
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