Ph'lip Side

Ph'lip Side

Infobox Album |
Name = Ph'lip Side
Type = Album
Artist = Phil Keaggy

Released = August 1980
Recorded = Sound Labs Hollywood, California Martinsound Studios Alahambra, Californoa Sound City Studios Van Nuys, California Smoketree Studios Catsworth, California
Length =
Label = Sparrow Records Myrrh Records
Producer = Dan Collins Phil Keaggy
Reviews = *Allmusic Rating|3|5 [ link]
Last album = The Master and the Musician (1978)
This album = "Ph'lip Side" (1980)
Next album = "Town to Town" (1981)

"Ph'lip Side" is the title of an album by guitarist Phil Keaggy, released in 1980, on Sparrow Records.

Track listing

All songs written by Phil Keaggy, unless otherwise noted.

ide one

# "A Child (In Everyone's Heart)" – 3:55
# "Little Ones" – 4:27
# "Spend My Life With You" – 4:13
# "Just A Moment Away" (Phil Keaggy and Doug Pinnick) – 4:00
# "I Belong To You" – 4:10

ide two

# "A Royal Commandment" – 5:46
# "Sunday School" – 4:32
# "Send Out Your Light" (Phil Keaggy and Ted Sandquist) – 3:28
# "Pulling Down" (Phil Keaggy and Greg X. Volz) – 5:28

Note: An alternate version of the album substitutes "In Your Keep" for "Send Out Your Light" and has a different track order. This is the version that has been released on CD.


*Phil Keaggy: acoustic & electric guitars, vocals.
*Paul Leim: drums.
*Leon Gaer: electric synthesised bass.
*Richard Souther: piano, Rhodes, and synthesizers
*Alex Acuña: percussion.
*Dan Collins, Jamie Owens Collins, Greg X. Volz, Matthew Ward: Background Vocals.

Production notes

*Produced by Dan Collins and Phil Keaggy.
*Engineered by Jack Joseph Puig.
*Recorded at Sound Labs, Hollywood, California; Martinsound Studios, Alahambra, Californoa; Sound City Studios, Van Nuys, California; Smoketree Studios,Catsworth, California
*Mixed at Sound Labs, Hollywood, CA.
*Mastered at Mastring Labs, Hollywood, CA.

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