Angoulême International Comics Festival Media award

Angoulême International Comics Festival Media award

This media award was presented at the Angoulême International Comics Festival. It was given by different media over the years, with sometimes different awards in one year. From 2004 on, these awards are still presented at the time of the festival, but are no longer part of the official awards presented by the festival itself, and thus are excluded from this list.Nominations are given beneath the winner, with indentation and without bold typeface.


* 1981: Elle award: Hugo Pratt
* 1982: TF1 award: Mohamed Aouamri
* 1983: Press prize: "RanXerox" by Tanino Liberatore and Stefano Tamburini
* 1984: Press prize: "Bob Marone" by Yann and Conrad
* 1985: TF1 award: "La balade du bout du monde" by Makyo and Vicomte, Glénat
* (1986: no award in this category)
* 1987: Antenne 2 award: "Jefferson" by Ptiluc
* 1988: Antipode media award: "Le Talis Balaouine" by Marre and Carron
* 1989: Antenne 2 award: "Léonard" by Turk and Bob de Groot, Le Lombard


* (1990: no award in this category)
* 1991: Press prize: "Les lumières de L’Amalou" by Christophe Gibelin and Claire Wendling
* 1991: France Info award: "Le chemin de l’Amérique" by Baru, Thévenet and Ledran, L'Écho des savanes/Albin Michel
* 1992: France Info award: "Le baron rouge" by Georges Pratt
* 1993: Press prize: "Le bar du vieux Français" by Jean-Philippe Stassen and Denis Lapière, Dupuis
* 1993: France Info award: "Les maîtres de l’orge part 1" by Valles and Jean Van Hamme, Glénat
* 1994: France Info award: "La fille aux ibis" by Christian Lax and Giroud, Dupuis
* 1995: France Info award: "L’homme qui a fait le tour du monde by Aymond and Pierre Christin
* (1996: no award in this category)
* (1997: no award in this category)
* (1998: no award in this category)
* 1999: Press prize: "Azrayen part 1" by Christian Lax and Giroud, Dupuis
* 1999: France Info award: "Palestine part 2"


* 2000: France Info award: "Passage en douce: Carnet d’errance" by Klacokar, Fréon
* 2001: France Info award: "Déogratias" by Jean-Philippe Stassen, Dupuis
* 2001: Canal BD award: "Réseau Bombyce" by Cécil and Corbeyran, Les Humanoïdes Associés

* 2002: Canal BD award: "Isaac Le Pirate: Les Amériques" by Christopher Blain, Dargaud
** "Amours fragiles: Le dernier printemps" by Beuriot and Richelle, Casterman
** "Bouncer: Un diamant pour l’au-delà" by François Boucq and Alejandro Jodorowsky, Les Humanoïdes Associés
** "Le cri du peuple: Les canons du 18 mars" by Jacques Tardi and Jean Vautrin, Casterman
** "Le décalogue: Le manuscrit" by J. Béhé and F. Giroud, Glénat
** "Djinn: La favorite" by A. Miralles and Jean Dufaux, Dargaud
** "Gabrielle part 1" by Kara, Pointe Noire
** "Ocean City: Torticolis et deltoïdes" by Korowski and Chauvel, Delcourt
** "Olives noires: Pourquoi cette nuit est différente des autres nuits?" by E. Guibert and Joann Sfar, Dupuis
** "Rural!" by E. Davodeau, Delcourt
** "Sur les traces d’Horus: Khaemonaset ou la loi de Maät" by I. Dethan, Delcourt
** "Tiresias: La révélation" by C. Rossi and Serge Letendre, Casterman

* 2003: France Info award: "Carnets d’Orient part 6" by Jacques Ferrandez, Casterman
* 2003: Canal BD award: "Quartier lointain part 1" by Jiro Taniguchi, Casterman
** "Algernon Woodcock part 1" by Sorel and Dieter
** "Berlin, la cité des pierres part 1" by Jason
** "Carnet d’Orient part 6" by Jacques Ferrandez
** "Le chat du rabbin part 1" by Joann Sfar
** "Jimmy Corrigan" by Chris Ware
** "El Niño part 1" by Perrissin and Pavlovic
** "Phénomenum part 1" by Kaminka and Cédrines
** "Le pouvoir des innocents part 5" by Hirn and Brunschwig
** "Ring circus part 3" by Chauvel and Formosa
** "Vitesse moderne" by Blutch

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