Onega (fossil)

Onega (fossil)

name = "Onega"
fossil_range = Ediacaran

image_size = 200px
color=taxobox color|"incertae sedis"
regnum = "incertae sedis" (Animalia?)
phylum = Proarticulata
genus = Onega
species = "O. stepanovi"
species_authority = Fedonkin 1976 cite journal
author = Б. М. КЕЛЛЕ; М. А. Fedonkin
year = 1976
title = Новые Находки Окаменелостей В Валдайской
journal = Геологическая
volume = 71
issue = 3
pages = 38–44

url =
language = Russian

"Onega stepanovi" is one of the lesser known fossil taxacite journal
author = Olson, Everett C.
year = 1981
title = The Problem of Missing Links: Today and Yesterday
journal = The Quarterly Review of Biology
volume = 56
issue = 4
pages = 405–442
doi = 10.1086/412432
month = Dec
] from the Ediacaran Period, described by Mikhail A. Fedonkin in 1976. It was named after the Onega area of Russia, where it is found in outcrops near the White Sea. These outcrops comprise channelized sandstone beds deposited by distributary-mouth bars, and also contain the fossil "Rangea". "O. stepanovi" had a head and a tail, and Fedonkin inferred that it possessed a "rigid dorsal carpace". [Fedonkin, Mikhail A. 2003. "The origin of the Metazoa in the light of the Proterozoic fossil record". "Paleontological Research", vol. 7, no. 1, March 31, 2003. P.35. Retrieved from [] May 19, 2007] Ivantsov has proposed that "O. stephanovi" be placed in the extinct phylum Proarticulata, as, according to recently discovered, well preserved fossils, the segmented region on the carapace has a staggered symmetry similar to some other proarticulatans. [Ivantsof, A. Yu. 2007. "Small Vendian transversely Articulated fossils". "Paleontological Journal". Volume 41, Number 2. April, 2007. doi|10.1134/S0031030107020013 Abstract retrieved from [] May 19, 2007] Comparisons have also been made between "Onega" and lower Cambrian arthropods, although the extent of the similarity is yet to be investigated.Citation
author = William Schopf, edited by J.; Klein, Cornelis
year = 1992
title = Proterozoic Biosphere
isbn = 0521366151
publisher = Camb.U.P.
location = Cambridge
oclc = 23583672 26310475


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