Kodak Retina

Kodak Retina

Retina was the name of a long-running series of German-built Kodak cameras. Retinas were manufactured in Stuttgart by Nagel Camerawerk, which Kodak had acquired in 1931, and sold under the Kodak nameplate. Retinas were noted for their compact size, quality, and low cost compared to their competitors and retain a strong following today. The original Retina, introduced in 1934, was notable for being the first camera to use the modern 135 film cartridge. The Retina line continued through the 1960s with a variety of folding and nonfolding models, including the Retina Reflex SLR.

Kodak also sold a companion line of less-expensive Retinette cameras.


The first Retina, a compact folding camera which pioneered the 135 format, was followed by two new models in 1936. The Retina I, which was the more popular of the two, was essentially the same as the previous model. The Retina I was most commonly equipped with a 50 mm f/3.5 Schneider Kreuznach Retina-Xenar lens and Compur or Compur-Rapid shutter, though other lenses and shutters were available. The Retina II was a more expensive model which included a rangefinder.

The Retina Ia and Retina IIa of 1951 were similar to their respective predecessors but with the addition of flash shoes and wind levers rather than knobs. The sleeker Retina Ib and Retina IIc came out in 1954 along with the Retina IIIc, which was basically a Retina IIc with a selenium light meter. The fifth and final generation of folding Retinas, which included the Retina IIC, Retina IIIC, and meter-equipped Retina IB, was introduced in 1957.

Kodak sold a number of larger, non-folding cameras (mostly automatic rangefinders) under the Retina label between 1958 and 1966. There was also a series of Retina Reflex SLRs produced between 1957 and 1966. The last cameras labeled as Retinas were the plastic-bodied Retina S1 and Retina S2, produced from 1966 to 1969. Kodak also manufactured the Retinette model series around the same time.



*Retina (1934-1936)
*Retina I (1936-1950)
*Retina Ia (1951-1954)
*Retina Ib (1954-1957)
*Retina IB (1957-1960)
*Retina II (1936-1950)
*Retina IIa (1951-1954)
*Retina IIc (1954-1957)
*Retina IIC (1957-1958)
*Retina IIIc (1954-1957)
*Retina IIIC (1957-1960)


*Retina IIIS (1958-1960)
*Retina IIS (1959-1960)
*Retina Automatic I (1960-1962)
*Retina Automatic II (1960-1962)
*Retina Automatic III (1960-1963)
*Retina I BS (1962-1963)
*Retina IF (1963-1964)
*Retina IIF (1963-1964)
*Retina S1 (1966-1969)
*Retina S2 (1966-1969)


*Retina Reflex (1957-1958)
*Retina Reflex S (1959-1961)
*Retina Reflex III (1961-1964)
*Retina Reflex IV (1964-1966)

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