Steffan Cravos

Steffan Cravos

Steffan Cravos (born 1975, Cardiff) is a Welsh rap and hip hop artist, as well as a Welsh-language activist.

Cravos, editor of [ Brechdan Tywod, a Welsh-language e-zine] was also chairman of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg, the Welsh Language Society for two years. [ [ Article 1] ] , [ [ Article 2] ] , [ [ Article 3] ] He was elected in April 2005 and was succeeded by Hywel Griffiths two years later.

As "DJ Lambchop", Cravos is known for his "cut, scratch, and mix" turntablist. He is also the founding member of Tystion, a Welsh hip hop band. In his spare time, Cravos runs the label Fitamin Un and an internet radio station called [ Radio Amgen] .

He was briefly involved with an early line-up of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci playing violin and sound effects, and is credited on several songs on their early-years compilation Patio.


He is also known as DJ Lambchop and MC Sleifar


"What does it mean to be a Welsh band singing in Welsh? To me, it’s the natural thing to do, Welsh is my first language, and I wish it would be the natural everyday language of Wales. If it is used enough, then maybe one day Welsh will return to be the main language of my Country. The eradication of the language will mean less and less of an identity for the Welsh nation, it will turn Henry VIII's and the wishes of the English ruling establishment since him into a reality—that is, Wales becomes western England" (from a 30 July 2002 email).

This sentiment is echoed by John Griffiths of Llwybr Llaethog:"They also had a unique attitude towards the vexed question of the appropriateness of singing and rapping in the Welsh language, as John puts it, 'the language has been systematically put down over the last few hundred years, so singing in Welsh is a political statement in itself, but it’s also the language I grew up with anyway and personally I believe that any language must adapt to stay healthy, and must be street usable to live, therefore I am also a keen advocate of using slang Welsh.'" (Liner notes to Hip-Dub Reggae-Hop, Llwybr Llaethog 1985-2000.)


DJ Lambchop

The name combines the Welsh stereotype of the lamb with the cut, scratch, and mixing of turntablism. As DJ Lambchop he released a cassette-only release called "Cashing in on Cool Cymru" in which he slags Kelly Jones over a break beat. The other tracks are "Terfysgoedd Daear" and "Distort the Truth, Distort the Facts, Distort Everything Dub".

Lambchop has run campaigns against corporations such as AOL for inequal treatment of Welsh customers. He once put up a website called "AOL's Total Lack of Respect for the Welsh Language".

Fitamin Un

In 1996, Cravos set up Recordiau Fitamin Un. Fed up with the scene in Wales, he created it to be an outlet for some of his projects (like Tystion) and other underground material. Other bands released on the label include Llwybr Llaethog, "Pep Le Pew", "Trawsfynydd Lo-Fi" (aka Liberation Front), and "Continuous Sound Labordy Swn Cont".

Radio Amgen

[ Radio Amgen] provides numerous rare mp3's to listen to on the computer. The tracks are from an eclectic mix of artists in both Welsh and English languages, as well as links to artists, labels, other mp3's, and institutions.

Tystion (1991 - 2002)

Tystion began in 1991. Cravos, aged 16, and influenced by the sounds of "Dead Kennedys", worked from his bedroom in Carmarthen using two tape decks and a mixer. He wanted to create an answer to the current state of the Welsh musical mainstream. By 1995, he was joined by Gruff Meredith.

Lo-Cut and Sleifar

Cravos worked on this project with Murry the Hump member/producer Lo-Cut (Curig Huws) and put out an album in 2004 on Boobytrap Records. They are based in Cardiff and established their partnership in Paris.

"Music for the feet and music for the mind" -- their definition of hip-hop - is the English translation of the title.



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Welsh-language activism

* [ Arrested on the behalf of a New Language Act]
* [ Alun Pugh's essay on bilingualism]
* [ Cravos's Western Mail article responding to Pugh's essay]

Welsh-language Rap

* [ On Rapping in Welsh]
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