Parasites (band)

Parasites (band)

Parasites are an American pop-punk band. The band was formed in 1985 by guitarist and singer Dave Parasite (a.k.a. Nikki Parasite) and bassist Ron Nole in New Jersey. Dave later relocated to Berkeley, California, forming a new band with local players. The Parasites have had many personnel changes, with the most notable members being drummer Dan Cofer and his brother Scott Cofer, both formerly of the thrash-metal band Pillage Sunday. The band has been releasing records since 1987. After breaking up in 1998 (then known as Wilson Willies and the Skillet Seven) and again 2003, the band released a Best Of compilation in 2006, entitled "Retro-Pop Remasters (Best Of)" on Go Kart Records. A new lineup of the band is currently touring and will be releasing an album of new material in 2008.

The Parasites Discography

This is a partial list of releases by the Parasites:


* "Pair of Sides" - Shredder Records (1990, out of print)
* "Punch Lines" - Shredder Records (1993, out of print)
* "Pair" - Shredder Records (1994, out of print)
* "Nyquil Fueled Rock Armada" - Wingnut Records / Munster Records (1996, out of print)
* "It's Alive (Cover of Ramones album) - Clearview Records (1997, out of print)
* "Rat Ass Pie" - Go Kart Records (1998)
* "Compost" - Go Kart Records (2000)
* "Retro Pop Remasters" - Go Kart Records (2006)

7" Singles and EPs

* "Let's Have Fun EP" - Electrified Hair (1987, out of print)
* "Lost In the 80's EP" - Electrified Hair (1987, out of print)
* "Where the Kids Are EP" Electrified Hair (1990, out of print)

* "Live Nightmares EP" (Split with Mourning Noise) - Radcore Records (1990, out of print)
* "Last Caress" - Shredder Records (1991, out of print)
* "Beat on Iraq EP" - Electrified Hair (1991, out of print)
* "En Homage Aux Beatles EP" - Shredder Records (1991, out of print)
* "Paramania EP" - Shredder Records (1991, out of print)
* "Crazy" - Radiation Records (1992, out of print)
* "Letdown" - Shredder Records (1992, out of print)
* "Something to Hold On To" - Slumberland (1993, out of print)
* "I Almost Loved You" - Just Add Water (1995, out of print)
* "Burnt Toast EP" - Just Add Water (1995, out of print)
* "V.M.Live Presents: Parasites EP 12/3/94" - V.M.Live (1995, out of print)
* "Top Secret" - Rocco Records (1996, out of print)
* " No Martyr EP - Munster Records (1997, out of print)
* "V.M.Live Presents: Parasites 5/3/96" - V.M.Live (1997, out of print)
* "Hang Up" - Lookout! Records (1997)
* "Dave Parasite Back to Demo 89'-91"' - AMPop (1997, out of print)
* "Borisites/Nikki the Sprinkler" (Split with Boris the Sprinkler) - Just Add Water (1998, out of print)


* "Bands Only a Mutha Could Love" - Mutha Records (1988, out of print)
* "Brain Food" - Dead Issue (1989, out of print)
* "The World's in Shreds Vol. 4" - Shredder Records (1990, out of print)
* "I Hear Ya!" - Caroline Records (1994, out of print)
* "Teenage Kicks" - Custodial Records (1995, out of print, reissued 1997 on Liberation Records)
* "Punk Rock Mega Explosion" - Factory/Conforte (1995, out of print)
* "Homage" (Descendents tribute album) - Coolidge Records (1995, out of print)
* "Water Music" - Just Add Water (1995, out of print)
* "LA 1a Internacional" - Munster Records (1995, out of print)
* "The Big Giveaway" - Shredder/Allied/Broken/Jade Tree (1996, out of print)
* "Punk +" - K-Tel (1996, out of print)
* "I Can't Believe It's Not Water" - Just Add Water (1996, out of print)
* "Shreds Volume 3" - Shredder Records (1996, out of print)
* "Keep the Beat" - Hairball 8 (1996, out of print)
* "Back Asswards" - Interbang (1996, out of print)
* "More Bounce to the Ounce" - Lookout! Records (1997)
* "The Great Soap Opera" - Wormhole/Atomic Tomato Records (1997)
* "The Last Great Thing You Did" - Lookout! Records (1997)

External links

* [ Parasites' official MySpace page]
* [ Another Parasites MySpace page]
* [ Parasites Dummy World]
* [ Dan Cofer's official website]

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