New Men (Marvel Comics)

New Men (Marvel Comics)
New Men

The Knights of Wungadore. From left to right:
Sir Delphis, Lord Anon, Sir Tyger, Lady Vermin, Lady Ursula, Sir Steed (tan shadow), Lord Churchill, Quicksilver (human leader), Sir Ram, and Sir Gator.
Publication information
First appearance Thor #135 (December 1966)
Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Place of origin Wundagore, Earth
Notable members Bova
White Tiger

The New Men are a fictional Marvel Comics universe group of hyper-evolved animals created by the High Evolutionary (Herbert Edgar Wyndham). They are also known as the Knights of Wundagore.


Fictional group history

The New Men were the results of Wyndham's first experiments in accelerated evolution. When Wyndham learned that Wundagore Mountain (on which his advanced genetics research citadel was based) was the prison of the powerful demon known as Chthon, he decided to train his creations in chivalry and battle tactics so that they could oppose Chthon should he ever return. He equipped them with advanced weaponry and armor, and gave them flying "atomic steeds" on which to ride (He was assisted in this endeavor by the ghost of the 6th century magician named Magus).[volume & issue needed]

Wyndham later converted his citadel into a spaceship, and he and most of his New Men left to explore the stars.[volume & issue needed] They eventually settled on a planet, which they named Wundagore II, with the High Evolutionary staying on the planet's moon in order to look after them.[volume & issue needed] Later still, the High Evolutionary created his Counter-Earth for his New Men,[volume & issue needed] but that world was taken by the alien Beyonders.[volume & issue needed]


Known New Men have included:

  • Count Tagar - An uplifted tiger. First appeared in Thor #133 (Oct 1966)
  • Lord Anon (formerly Sir Wulf) - An uplifted wolf. Killed by the Man-Beast.
  • Lady Bova - An uplifted cow who served as the foster mother to Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. First appeared in Giant-Size Avengers #1 (Aug 1974)
  • Lady Ursula - An uplifted bear who is boisterous and vicious. Proved to be just when she commits suicide rather than allow the Man-Beast to enslave her.
  • Lady Vermin An uplifted rat who uses a small jetpack to get around.
  • Lord Byson - An uplifted bison.
  • Lord Churchill - An uplifted bulldog who is honorable, loyal and clever.
  • Man-Beast - An uplifted wolf that has developed vast mental powers; schemed to destroy humanity and the High Evolutionary. First appeared in Thor #134 (Nov 1966)
  • Sir Delphis - An uplifted dolphin who is an inquisitive character that thinks through his plans before acting.
  • Sir Gator - An uplifted alligator who is quiet and mysterious striking only when foes least expect it.
  • Sir Lepard - An uplifted leopard. First appeared in Thor #134 (Nov 1966) and died in Iron Man #111 (Jun 1978)
  • Sir Lyan - An uplifted lion. First appeared in Thor #134 (Nov 1966)
  • Sir Ossilot - An uplifted ocelot. First appeared in Thor #134 (Nov 1966) and died in Iron Man #111 (Jun 1978)
  • Sir Porga - An uplifted pig. First appeared in Thor #132 (Sep 1966)
  • Sir Ram - An uplifted ram who is noble and knightly. He is pledged in faith to his lord and master. First appeared in Tales to Astonish #94 (Nov 1963) and died in Tales to Astonish #95 (Dec 1963)
  • Sir Ram II - First appeared in Iron Man #111 (Jun 1978)
  • Sir Steed - An uplifted horse. First appeared and died in Quicksilver #1 (September 1996)
  • Sir Tyger - An uplifted tiger who is scholarly and wise. He is paradoxically just as decadent as any civilized person.
  • Snow Queen - An uplifted tigress who is the sister of White Tiger. She appeared in chapter 2 of X-Men: Endangered Species she fought Beast when he tried to enter Wungadore without permission.
  • Tabur - An uplifted cat.
  • White Tiger - An uplifted white tigress created to hunt down the Man-Beast.

Other media


  • The New Men appeared in the X-Men episode "Family Ties." Besides Lady Bova, other New Men featured are a goat, a lion, a rhinoceros, a deer, a panda, a zebra, some musk oxen, a snow leopard, and a warthog amongst others. Lady Bova was the foster mother of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch before giving them to a man named Django and his wife to look after. Years later, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch came to Wundagore to look for her. After a DNA match, the High Evolutionary took them to see her. She was the one who told them that Magneto is their father. Some of the New Men were sent to trap Magneto only to also trap Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Wolverine. Following the battle with the X-Men, Magneto, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch, the New Men managed to escape with the High Evolutionary.
  • In Spider-Man Unlimited, Sir Ram (voiced by Ron Halder), Sir Tyger (voiced by David Sobolov), Lady Ursula (voiced by Tasha Simms), and Lady Vermin (voiced by Jennifer Hale) are the only members of the New Men that appear retaining their title of "Knights of Wundagore." In this series, the High Evolutionary's New Men and other creations that reside on Counter-Earth are called "Bestials." Within the series, the Beastials are the dominant species of Counter-Earth while the humans are a second-class minority.

External links

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