Oliba Cabreta

Oliba Cabreta

Oliba Cabreta (ca. 920 – 990) was the count of Cerdanya from 965 and count of Besalú from 984 until his abdication in 988. He was the fourth son of Miró II and Ava. He inherited Cerdanya from his eldest brother Sunifred II and Besalú from his elder brother Miró III. He was originally under the tutelage of his mother from his father's death in 927.

During his tenure he added Berga and Ripoll to his domains. In 979, Roger I of Carcassonne ceded Capcir to him. In 984, he assumed the direction of all his father's counties when his last brother died withour heirs.

Oliba travelled twice to Rome, first in 968 with the Abbot Garin of Cuixà and second in 988 on his journey to Montecassino, the monastery to which he retired. He divided his lands betwixt his three eldest sons: Bernard received Besalú and Ripoll, Wilfred received Cerdanya, and Oliba received Berga. His fourth son, Berengar, became bishop of Elne. He also had a legitimate daughter named Adelaide, who married John d'Oriol, lord of Sales. By his mistress, Ingeberga de Besora, he had a daughter named Ingeberga who became abbess of Sant Joan de Ripoll. His wife Ermengard of Empúries, daughter of Count Gausbert, acted as regent for his sons and he lived out his days in Italy until 990.

Preceded by
Sunifred II
Count of Cerdanya
Succeeded by
Wilfred II
Preceded by
Miró III
Count of Besalú
Succeeded by
Bernard I

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