List of color topics

List of color topics

This is a list of color topics; see also list of colors, which is a list of articles about specific named colors. See also the category list , which is currently much more comprehensive than this article in most areas.

* Additive color
* Afterimage
* Bayer filter
* Chromolithograph
* Color (← Colour, ← Colors, Color (disambiguation))
** Black & White
** Red
** Blue
** silver (color)
* Color code
* Color management
* Color printing
* Color recovery
* Color Rendering Index
* Color space
** CMYK color space
** HSV color space
** HSL color space
** RGB color spaces
*** Adobe RGB color space
*** SRGB color space
** YIQ
** YUV
** Color space encoding
* ColorSync
* Color theory
* Color vision
* Color wheel
* Colorimeter
* Colors of chemicals
* Colour banding
* Complementary color
* False-color
* Film colorization
* Four-color printing
** Cyan, magenta, yellow
* "Horses"
**Equine coat color (wikilinks to all other coat color articles)
**Color breed
* Hue
* Kruithof curve
* Liturgical colours
* Optical spectrum
* Palette (computing)
** List of palettes
* Primary color
* Rainbow
* Saturation
* Spot color
* Subtractive color
* Theory of Colours
* Thermochromics
* Tincture (heraldry)
** argent, azure, gules, or, purpure, sable, vert
* Visual perception
* Watercolor
* Web colors

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